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Chivalry & Equality
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There is a general belief that chivalry is dead and the men of today are far removed from these pleasantries.

Feminism has apparently been instrumental in changing the mindset of a lot of men, who today do not wish to risk the ire of a woman by being publicly chivalrous.

We decided to check with Pune’s women and men on what chivalry meant to them and whether they believe, it is still in vogue:

Shreya Gupta ( MBA Student) opines,” Yes, chivalry does exist even today. Especially in metropolitan cities where people have a broader mindset. Somewhere people are influenced by the culture of urban areas.

So, when they observe that women are treated with respect, they somehow get influenced and become chivalrous…

A lot of men pretend to be chivalrous in front of others, and gradually it becomes a part of them. They desire to be accepted by people and society  makes them adopt chivalry”

Ojhal Kothari( Fashion Student) affirms,” Yes, I think chivalry still exists and it matters both for men and women.

But I believe that over time, the term has evolved and it’s not limited to only opening doors for a woman or giving them their jacket when it is cold.

To me, chivalry is about giving equal rights to both the genders with acts of pure selflessness without expecting anything in return,” she adds.

I believe that chivalry is a part of one’s character and if a guy is chivalrous, he will always be, no matter who he is with.

And being gallant is not a situation based thing ” says, Vipin Khannal (Engineer).


I believe that chivalry does matter to every woman and it does make her feel special and respected says, Chandrika Mehta (Fashion Designer).

Irrespective of being a feminist or a non-feminist, being treated with chivalry is about human behaviour and it is a mark of a man being well mannered.

Every woman actually likes chivalry believes Mansi Patil (Artist). Well mannered men don’t fake chivalry nor do they to be reminded of it. It comes from within.

Also, taking about feminism can be a reason for men to avoid chivalry, but that is not entirely true.

Mansoor Khan (Car showroom Owner) opines,”I am always saddened to see a man walk way ahead of his wife, or permit her to carry the grocery or a heavy bag…

The reason for this is the male-centric society which we live in. But you can’t blame them. If you probably tell them it is not right, some may even learn.

Being chivalrous comes from within. It is good manners to open the door for a woman or help her carry her bags. It’s a ‘feel good factor’ and it is always appreciated”.


#All views expressed in this article are those of the individual respondents and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them. 

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