Pune’s Youth On Their Dilemma Of Branded Vs Unbranded

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Expensive branded clothing has become an integral part of the city youth’ lifestyle today.

Wearing a branded outfit is believed to have become a status symbol for many, while for the others, a reflection of the peer pressure they face.

We spoke to Pune’s youth on what their own preferences were and what governed the choices they make:

Anil Thokle, Team Leader of Network store says,” I prefer unbranded clothes. I stay in Latur and we don’t have many malls and branded outlets there. Consequently. I have grown up wearing unbranded clothes.

Also, I believe that they are better than the branded ones. Branded clothes are unreasonably expensive.

But the good thing about branded clothes is that they are durable and last for long.  Yet, I prefer buying from regular retailers rather than the brand stores.

” I am not just bound to one, be it branded or unbranded clothes. My closet has both kinds says, Sneha Mehra (Teacher).

If I like a particular pattern then I won’t mind buying it from a street store and vice versa. If the style doesn’t appeal to me, I won’t buy even a branded one.

Brand Tags are about image. People, especially the millennials use it like a status symbol though some of the designs may be awful, ” she adds.

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Nadim Ahmed (Engineer) opines,” I wear only branded clothes. For me, it is because they have an amazing fit and they are reliable.

The clothes that we purchase from a branded outlet also come with a guarantee. Also, if they fade, or are defective they will be replaced, but a normal retailer won’t exchange it, once it is worn.

Yes, they are a bit more expensive than the clothes at a normal retail store, but then I believe its always better to have one good thing, rather than own five bad things.”

“I wear both branded and unbranded clothes, but I think one should wear branded clothes because they end up being an investment and last, says Neha Kasht.

Branded clothes are better in fit and material and stay in good shape for long. 

Supriya Shreya (Artist) says, ” I like wear regular unbranded clothes as spending a lot of money on branded stuff seems pointless to me.

Moreover, once you spend all that money and they style goes out of fashion, you cant even throw them away considering their price. I think these big brands are too overrated.


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