Pune’s Younger Citizens Quick To Gain Helmet Wisdom

Helmet Cognizance
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The year 2019 has seen a fair degree of positive change for the city. From the reduction in the number of accidents this new year’s eve, to the significant acceptance of the helmet compulsion, the change is certainly visible. 

Despite a huge number of Puneites protesting against the helmet compulsion, the city has a visibly higher population now wearing a helmet. 

While some citizens find the helmet-compulsion drive a political stunt before the general elections, others find it a genuine effort to address the increasing menace of road accidents and deaths in the city. With political parties now protesting on the compulsion, the intention speaks for itself. 

“In the wake of the increased number of road fatalities, extensive campaigning and rigorous policing, the compulsory helmet mandate took centre state. This of-curse didn’t go down well with the opposition,” quotes a high school teacher and avid social worker, Prakash K Kumar,36.

“I don’t understand why they are opposing the law…

Fines and penalties for not wearing a helmet has been in the motor vehicle act since its inception, though, it is only now that people have started taking it seriously.

Children are being taught in schools about road safety and the importance of wearing a helmet. Such antagonistic views about this will only negatively influence the young minds.

Personally, I do feel that the youth today form their own opinions are cannot be influenced easily. given the fact that majority of the kids I see today are well informed on road safety and have started protecting their heads too,” Prakash adds.

“Yes, I do feel that it is mandatory to wear a helmet, even if it is not mandated by law,” shares an animator and designer, Ankit Agarwal, 24.

“Fear of penalty is one part, but common sense should not take a back seat when it comes to a life-threatening situation for any of us. I have had a helmet for the past year from the time I got my bike.  After all the recent campaigns, I was able to convince five of my friends into buying one for themselves and it wasn’t an uphill task.

Helmets are now becoming the coolest accessory among young vehicle owners too,” Ankit adds.

Pune city police have announced more than once that they are dedicated to making Pune a 100% helmet compliant city and reducing the number of fatal road deaths by half this year, irrespective of what critics may say,

Shreetha Manik, 25, a writer and blogger now has a helmet to keep her safe and protected while she rides in the city. Today, I feel confident and safe and know that I will get back home intact!

The thought of getting a full-face helmet or any other for that matter, never crossed my mind until I read the testimony of accident survivors who wore one.

They were scary, yet eye-opening. I surprisingly do see a lot of people, especially office and college goers donning their protective armour.

And, it feels good that the young know what they are headed into and take full responsibility of their own safety.”


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