Pune’s Young Moms’ Have Unique Summer Plans For Their Kids

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Summer Vacations are the best time of the year for children who have worked hard through the year. However, often these summer breaks are only an extension of their academics and the children are forced to attend extra classes and coaching sessions.

Yet, if parents were to look at a more holistic development approach for their children, several interesting activities can be planned for their long break.

Pune365 connected with a few mothers in the city, who are already working towards making their children’s summer break exciting and different:

I have a 9-year-old son Rajveer and he is my business partner. I am an entrepreneur dealing in Indian wear, majorly Kurtis.

I was a housewife for 10 years and then I decided to start something of my own says, Meenakshi Singh. Yes, summer vacations are an essential part of upbringing.

Usually, kids end up going to their maternal grandparent’s place but my parents live abroad and visits aren’t always possible. So he travels with me whenever and wherever I go for my work.  Wherever life takes me, he comes along.

He gives me promotion suggestions and trust me they aren’t vague. This has majorly brought changes in him. He mingles with people easily and he is an extrovert now. 

He is fond of basketball so we have made a small court for him. I don’t want him to live and do exactly what everyone does.”

Prandiya Gunesh Navale opines,” For these summer vacations I decided to avoid tying down my son in any classes.

My son is 10 years old and I believe that during vacations learning and fun should go simultaneously. School teaches a lot of things today and expects outdoor sports. Hence, these summer vacations my only intentions are that he spends most of his time playing and learning new sports.

He spends most of the day out playing with his friends and barely watches TV.

I believe experience is more important, so when he goes cycling with his friends he observes and notices traffic rules, takes safety measures and learns several things.

Kids should not be bound to only classes. I wanted to give him a childhood like mine and that comes only with experiencing it.

” I am a housewife and I have a 9-year-old daughter. Schools are so stressful today, and the children too need a break, says Manisha Laddha.

So my current plan is to take her for a weeks vacation somewhere. Then I will take her to swimming classes as that will be good for her height and health. I also plan to teach her 10 new words in English and Hindi every day.

Also, I feel it will be good to take her to my parent’s place, as they will teach her moral values even better than I can explain to her.”

Pavi Tripathi says,” I have two kids. My daughter is 6 and my son is 4 years old. Summer vacations help kids a lot.

They not only relax them but can boost their confidence also, if parents focus on their likes and hobbies and engage them well.

My daughter loves dancing, especially Bollywood style so I’ll start those classes for her and for my son, spoken English classes.

These activities during the summer vacations give kids exposure and also open their options apart from studies”, Pavi adds

I am sending my son to a summer camp. He has never attended one and the activities they are offering are really nice. Camping, cooking and much more, which will be a very new experience for him, opines, Sneha Deshmukh.

He is in 7th standard and quite shy and this exposure will help him. Also, summer camps are places where you learn a lot of things, and I think this will be apt for him.”


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