When Pune’s Men Let Their Hair Down – Haute Styles’17


Gone are the days when the quintessential man-bun or a few stray blonde highlights were your only choices as a man.

2017 sees the rise of Bro Braids, Rainbow Hair, Burst Fade Mohawks and quirky V-Shaped Razor Cuts.

Pune millennials who have all but embraced the Fade, speak on styles they favour…

Silver Hair

Mayank Mistry, a DJ at a popular nightclub, is a fan of silver hair. “The Game of Thrones obsession is a catching one.

You see, as the books go- Rhaegar Targaryen and Daenerys were said to have silver locks.

“My stylist asked me whether I wanted to look like a legendary warrior from every girl’s fantasy. All I said was – Sign me up!”

Rainbow Hair

If multi-coloured highlights float your boat, then rainbow hair is for you. Warning: You may be mistaken for a lost Unicorn.

Shrenik Desadla is a programmer who has experimented with a few streaks of rainbow hues. “Sporting reds or blues makes them clash with my outfits, which is why I prefer Rainbow hair. I chose some of my favourite hues that are in sync with the colour scheme of my wardrobe. So now there’s never a clash.”

The Bro-Braid

Going next level with the popular man-bun, the bro-braid is quite simply, a braided Mohawk.

Shivam Mankikar an avid gamer, sports this trend. “The man-bun is a lost trend in India essentially because our ladies often sport the ‘Ambada’. Now what is the point of wearing a messy bun like Orlando Bloom if you end up resembling the notoriously popular ‘Shanta Bai?” he grins.

“The bro-braid is far better which is why I swear by it. It keeps the tangle out of my mane, which is a joy at the end of the day.”

The Mohawk

If you’re into punk music and want the world to know, sport a whacky Mohawk to proclaim it.

Nishoy Sen is a corporate lawyer who swears by this style. “The Mohawk is a legendary trend and you can never go wrong with it. All you need is tons of product and the occasional hairspray. Helmets are a big no though, so cars are a must for men who sport Mohawks.”

Prison Cornrows

Men with thickly matted hair they can’t quite seem to tame, can go for cornrows.

Christian Samuel is an aspiring rap artist and student who loves flaunting cornrows. His only woe is maintaining his hair. “Unbelievably expensive to have one done professionally, they also take a lot of maintenance. Though I must say, it’s all worth it when the ladies come up to me and want to touch my hair.”


Aditi Balsaver

Aditi Balsaver

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