Pune’s Fantasies Now Fifty Shades Freed

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True to the spirit of Fifty Shades, Pune’s youth has embraced every shade of grey. From revealing deep-rooted desires to owning up to the weirdest fantasies; millennials bare it all.

As the world excitedly anticipates the last movie in the franchise, we bring you Pune’s- Fifty Shades Freed..

“My fantasy is going on a long trek up a beautiful hillside with my partner, only to camp atop the peak. Fornication would be a truly metaphysical experience in the wilderness. Just imagine the stunning view and cool mountain air,” says Manasi Vaishnav of her ultimate sexual fantasy.


“In the water definitely,” is Naman Aroras response to the same question. “It has always been my fantasy though I would prefer a swimming pool over the ocean. The last thing I want is to frolic around fish and possibly, even whale sperm!


Nimisha Sangra too is intrigued by some pool action though she questions the mechanics of it. “Being skimpily clad in a secluded infinity pool with your boo is most certainly an exciting prospect. But the thrust force motion wouldn’t work too well against the buoyancy. A tad dicey, but definitely worth a try,” she muses.


Freddie Joad admits he is a train man. “The slowly rocking train would set the perfect mood. Besides, its interesting imagining a romantic rendezvous with a lonely stranger while on a solitary journey. Now if only the hygiene standards in Indian Railway bathrooms would improve enough for me to fulfil this long-cherished dream!” he sighs.

Heena Vohra harbours darker dreams. “I would love to be a dominatrix to a submissive partner. However, my fantasy is exploring this with a woman. Just once. I am a heterosexual,” she is quick to add with a sheepish grin. “After all, wanting to date men and sleep with women should be a truly entrancing experience.


“Women feel so deeply and seek to connect on an emotional level. The world dictates I have a man by my side, though!

So this fantasy is the perfect way to have the best of both worlds,” she explains.



#All views expressed in this column are those of the individual respondents ( names changed to protect privacy) and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to this.

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