Pune’s Families All Set For Santa’s Ho Ho Ho

Christmas Family Traditions
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Merry ChristmasChristmas is quintessential family time across the globe with the children taking the lead in welcoming Saint Nicholas, the fat and jolly intruder…

Be it dressing up as Father Christmas, or responding to their children’s letters to Santa; most parents have a special Yuletide plan.

With the chime of the bells looming large, we decided to speak to city parents on the Christmas traditions they have in store this season –

“Although we’re not Christians by faith, we certainly have a few festive traditions,” smile Mishti and Bakhtyar Irani, who run a pre-school. As parents of girls aged four and seven, the duo plans to dress the Christmas tree with homemade ornaments for a change.

We have baked cookies that the girls helped ice and frost. I must say they ate most of the frosting, but it gave us the chance to really spend some quality time together as a family,” says Bakhtyar.

Narendra Goidani founder at WOW Parenting, a parenting portal believes parents now adopt a new-age approach to Christmas with all new traditions. “We’re planing to do the same by sending personalized letters to children from Santa. These appreciate a child’s good behaviour and tell them they are being loved.

He declares it as a great way to boost their confidence and will bring children closer to their parents.

Bringing back the warmth and love of handwritten letters, these inspire kids to donate old toys and clothes to the less fortunate.

“It’s a weekend of eggnog mornings for me,” chuckles Joy D’souza a family therapist and single mother. “However, I wanted to come up with an exciting way for my son to celebrate Christmas and spread the joy. Vivaan is nine and his faith in Santa is slowly fading. So I know its time to improve upon the story of X-mas and start a new tradition.

This year I’ve encouraged him to give away his old sweaters and play things to children just like him who just happen to be a little less fortunate than Vivaan. He is really taking it in his stride and has been convincing friends of his to do the same, so I’m very proud of him.

Manisha Oswal a mother of three hyperactive boys aged ten, twelve and fifteen and has a special lesson for her kids this Christmas.

I believe Christmas needs to embrace the joy of giving.

I have a problem with the concept that kids these days write long wish lists of gifts that poor parents must then rush to fulfill.

This time around, I’m having my kids host an X-mas party and yard sale where they can sell their old things and learn the value of money. The money earned will then be used gift yummy goodies and edibles to street kids.”





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