#PunePolice: Cheers To A Job Well Done – We Tip Our Hat To You!

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This New Year’s Eve, Pune was certainly different and stood out with it’s visibly more responsible approach to the partying spirit…

Greater awareness, media campaigns and strict policing coupled with sustained counselling proved to be successful with even the number of accidents significantly less than previous years. 

#Pune365 spoke with Emergency Medicine experts and citizens to take their feedback on the visible change in the citizen attitude which contributed to a much safer night of 31st December.

Dr Ravi Pratap, Head, Emergency Services and Chief Of Medical Services ( Sahyadri Super-speciality Hospital, Deccan): As we all prepare to welcome the new year, every emergency department across the city prepares itself for the surge in road traffic accident cases on new years eve. All medicos working in the emergency departments would agree to this. The sole reason for this is driving under the influence of alcohol and negligent behaviour due to the euphoria of celebration.

This year was different from the others and in a pleasant way. There were no cases of a road traffic accident or caused by DUI (Driving under The Influence of alcohol) on 31st night.

I personally believe that this is a result of multiple awareness campaigns run by traffic police, and other organizations, A general sense of responsibility in the public and of course the fantastic “bandobast” by the police to restrict DUI.

I wish we all understand the dangers of DUI and be responsible enough to not do it ever.

“In the previous years the situation on ground was quite different form what it turned out to be this year,” Dr Roshan Palresha, Head-Emergency Medicine- Columbia Asia Hospital.

“There were not many accident entrants on the New Year’s Eve as compared to what we were expecting. Total cases on the 31st were mere 12 out of which there were only three major casualties.

Six among them were drink and drive cases that involved two-wheelers. This was a comparatively peaceful year at the hospital with very few cases. This might be probably due to good public awareness and campaigns in the form of advertisements of television, social media etc.

Also, major credit goes to the strict law enforcement on drink and drive and stern police inspection and checking at various check points,” Palresha adds.

“I did see a lot of police personnel at major check points in the city inspecting every vehicle on the road. They were well-equipped and had a good backup force especially at places like Koregaon Park, Viman Nagar which are the party hubs.

It would have been difficult for people to escape the check-points given the ‘bandobast’ done was on point,” shares Suresh Manik, a freelance DJ.

The Pune police was also elated to see a major drop in the number of fatalities registered this time of the year.

“New year begins with no accident compared to three deaths in accidents last year. Collaboration by Punekars and effective measures by Pune Police made difference,” tweeted Commissioner of Police Pune City, Dr Venkatesham K.

“I do believe that this year was much safer on the roads,” quips Shreetha Shah, a computer science graduate.

“There were people on the streets but the hooliganism and drunken activities were significantly less.

People were considerate of the fact that the roads are not their private property. I even felt safe because of the presence of the policemen at certain nook and corner of the city.”


Obviously, Pune is taking to sensible partying and the tremendous efforts of the Police department is finally proving to be successful in reigning the errant revellers.

#Pune365 places on record our appreciation and good wishes to the Police force of Pune on giving the city a peaceful and enjoyable New Year’s Eve. Congratulations! 

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