Puneites Confess To Naughty Toys In Bed

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When it comes to matters of the bedroom, city-folk aren’t shy to embrace their wild side. Some seek to reinvent the love game and spice it up with role play while others take to adult toys. Some like to indulge in small toys whereas others like to research TPE VS Silicone love dolls and invest in some bigger toys.

Exploring this particular trend, we speak to a cross-section of Puneites. Read on for they banish all the cloak and dagger business to bring out their kinky side.

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Mihika S. is willing to confess to the quirkier side of her amorous activities after vehemently requesting that she be allowed to stay anonymous.

I’m not aware of where he buys it, but my partner of three years and I like to toy with edible undergarments. It was his idea to begin with and I thought chewing on them would be unpleasant. But astonishingly it is not so!

“Swings appeal to me,” says Shashank Vaid.

The concept of swinging with coitus was unheard of by my wife who absolutely refused to comply. It put a great strain on our marriage for she called me names and believed offended her religious sensitivities to do so.

“Nevertheless, I persisted and with time she relented. It is now a birthday and anniversary treat for me.

Sonia Thakkar is an entrepreneur who manages an e-commerce portal exclusively for baby products. “I was first appalled by the notion of using toys to torture your partner. It was after researching the subject extensively that I invested in handcuffs. My boyfriend enjoys them immensely.”

Derek Fernandes speaks of his own tryst with adult toys.

My wife and I checked on some of these toys after the notorious Fifty Shades book trilogy. She was particularly intrigued by recreational clamps that you can attach to different areas of the body during coitus.

“We found them hard to source way back in 2011 but we improvised with household objects as substitutes. Clips used to hang wet clothes or even hair clips often replaced the clamps,” he grins.


#All views expressed in this column are those of the individual respondents (names changed on request) and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them.


#Respondent names changed to protect their individual privacy. All views expressed are those of the individual respondents.

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