Puneites cheer for Portugal win at Euro 2016

This year’s Euro Cup finale saw Portugal beat France by one goal. It was also one of those matches that turned an unfortunate moment in Cristiano Ronaldo’s career into his greatest as substitute Eder scored a goal to Portugal’s victory. When we went off through injury, Ronaldo looked understandably close to tears. However, as the final whistle blew, these tears were well gone as Ronaldo celebrated with his team mates. Exclusive posts on Ronaldo’s Instagram story, which people were able to view days later thanks to this instagram story download app, showed the celebrations went on long into the night. There was excitement and tears everywhere as this was a highly anticipated match played at Stade de France.

Puneites were geared to watch this match with much excitement and enthusiasm. Speaking to Pune 365, they tell us about what they think of the Euro 2016 showdown.

Akash ChatlaniAkash Chatlani, 20, Student It was a pretty cautious game and after Ronaldo went off. It seemed as if France would win it easily but it was amazing to see how Portugal dug deep and nicked a goal at the very end. It was a well-deserved win!

Hiba FauqihHiba Faquih, 21, Football Coach Not many in the crowd expected Portugal to win especially after Ronaldo’s injury. But all Portugal supporters were overwhelmed since they were the underdogs. The French team and supporters were disappointed as they felt they could have done better by taking advantage of playing on their home ground.

Overall, a good end to the Euros as it was an exciting match! A victory for the team that managed to pull this off without their star player and captain.

Samarth AhluwaliaSamarth Ahluwalia, 20, Social Media Executive Neither Cristiano nor Griezmann showed up, this just goes on to show that football is more than a one man show! I’m disappointed as a French supporter and a football fan. It was a really boring finale. It didn’t live up to the hype at all. In fact, Ronaldo going off actually helped Portugal!

Rohan ShuklaRohan Shukla, 20, Student Unexpected but clearly deserved winners in the end. Portugal without their star player Ronaldo seemed like a gone case considering the abundance of resources that were available at the other end, but the collective team performance by Portugal saw them through to create history in France. Well-deserved at the end.

Chirag GidwaniChirag Gidwani, 20, Copywriter Portugal didn’t win a single match in regulation time and scraped through to the finals. However, the French only have themselves to blame for not being able to put the game to bed despite creating the better chances.

Liyaan AkkalkotkarLiyaan Akkalkotkar, 20, Student About this match, it does not matter how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get up as said by Vince Lombardi.

Vijayta Lalwani

Vijayta Lalwani

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