#Pune365PhotoStory – The Mask Project

#Pune365PhotoStory - The Mask Project
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Masks have long been an integral part of our tradition and culture, apart from being an intriguing aesthetic form.

In the largest group show at a single venue that Pune has ever seen, “The Mask Project” is an inspiring bevy of art on display, at the Monalisa Kalagram. This is being held in association with Indranil Garai and Associates.

A ten day day show starting from the 17th of November, the Mask Project brings together nearly 60 contemporary artists from Pune to work around the theme of ‘Mask’. Apart from these artists, 5 traditional artists will also present six masks each in reverence to their respected art form.

Masks that are signature to states across India will also be present.

While some masks are painted on canvas, the others are sculpted out of metal and wood. A variety of materials were used in their making, with each a different interpretation of the artist.

Materials ranging from fabric to egg boxes were used to create these thought provoking collection of masks.

These masks are showcased over four sections. The first section presents art across different media, while the second, symbolises creativity that from the artists’ own interpretations.

There is also a section dedicated to fibre-glass masks, and one which that showcases beautiful masks that’ve been collected by international and national artists; a collectors’ edition of sorts.

The exhibition is on at The Monalisa Kalagram, Koregaon Park, till November 26.

Amulya Chintaluri

Amulya Chintaluri

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