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With admissions around the corner, students gear up to seek admissions in city colleges. Some are giving it all to qualify and match the high cut-offs, while the others are yet to decide in which college to apply for.

Topping the list of concerns is the dilemma of choosing between a government or an autonomous one.. 

We decided to check the pulse of students in the city :

Prathamesh Welankar: Autonomy of the college shall always be a welcoming decision provided they work under the same guidelines proposed by a government entity. It is beyond doubt that often the facilities provided by the autonomous colleges are way better than the one in the government colleges. However, the predicament here is, that autonomous colleges with their facilities can train an individual superficially. Content orientation regardless of the streams is important. If that is up to the mark, I would certainly prefer a autonomous college.

Shreya Chakraborty: Studying is a government college is what I would prefer. However, it is equally difficult to crack competitive exams to get admissions in a government college. But if that happens, you have a stable future. This is because when you pass out from a government college, getting jobs in government institutions as well as private organisations is much easier. The fee is also comparatively less in such colleges and no donations. The facilities such as studios, laboratories, practical training are much better since the government maintains it. Even the faculty who comes in, are professionals that are currently working or have a vast practical experience in their field.

Ankit Yadav: Autonomous colleges are generally the better choice. Government institutions cannot pay well and hence cannot afford well rounded faculty. Government colleges are not usually well maintained. They only perk in low education fees. Also, in autonomous colleges we have the freedom to choose the additional subjects of our preference.

Aarti Puruswani: I think it depends on the college’s commitment to quality education. My college, for instance always sets a high standard and has a rigorous curriculum, which is why autonomy works well for it. Some other colleges use autonomy as a veil to shirk their duty as educators. Their main focus is the high fees and then naturally education takes a back seat.

Abhishek Nayak: I completed my post-graduation from a leading college in Pune. When I was a student, we came under the Pune university guidelines. But from this year the college has become a private autonomous body and many of my juniors have dropped college mid-year and taken admissions in other government colleges. The reason being the deterioration in the quality of education. The entire syllabus has been changed, the experienced in-house faculty have also left the organisation, there are no experts coming in to teach, fees have been exponentially increased (unlike what it was when I used to study there). Now I think it is all about earning money and organising events to stay in the limelight.



#All views expressed in this column are those of the individual respondents and Pune365 does not necessary subscribe to them. 

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