#Pune365MoodMeter: Is Going Organic Just A Fad?

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Several Indian companies have made their mark in the International markets thanks to their range of natural and herbal products. Such brands seem to be dominating the Indian markets with ‘being herbal’ as their unique selling proposition.

Rising even above this is the latest trend of going organic. Extending beyond edible items, this has now become an ecosystem of organic spas, cruelty free shoes, chemical free cosmetics and several other segments.

Steep prices are a different story all together but that does nothing to stop people from going organic..

We talked to a cross section of Puneites to understand whether this is just a fad or is it actually making a difference to their health and well being..

Tejaswini Agarwal: The craze for organic products is due to increased prevalence of toxins and chemicals in our life.. I have been using it and yes I feel my skin has different radiance and it is pampered with Winnie’s Candor exclusive range. I won’t spend if it doesn’t meet my skin requirements. The brands and DIY remedies I perform are homemade.

My skin is very sensitive and I am allergic to chemicals. That is why I use them. I feel that it also depends on the skin type we have.

Leena Bhati: I don’t chase organic trends per-se. However, I’m a footwear enthusiast and exciting shoe designs never cease to hold allure for me. Kannabis is one such brand that develops PETA friendly footwear that is completely animal cruelty free. Their designs themselves are stunning which is why I swear by them. Brands like these make your fashion choices feel good and guilt free.

Lipika Biswas: There is a feeling among the consumers that organic products are chemical free to a large extent and are less harmful. Using them is making a huge difference in my life. But the positive or visible effects of using organic products appear over longer duration of usage. The results in most cases may not be quick but definitely are long lasting.

I cannot deny that food made out of organic ingredients (vegetables and spices) tastes much better. One should understand the “Why” behind using any products. I truly feel that using organic products coupled with a healthy and active lifestyle is the key to well-being.

Sweety Agarwal: Organic products are chemical free so I prefer them and I can see some positive effects after using them.

I also use and spend on it because I feel good about it since it is natural.


Pradnya Vernekar: The amount of chemicals we consume every day present in pesticides and herbicides are mind numbing. The chemicals we lather on our body in the name of soaps, lotions and cosmetics is also disheartening. I wouldn’t call it a craze but rather a healthy living choice. I use organic protein supplements from Vimergy after my gym workout and organic essential oils from Young Living.

I also prefer my vegetables and fruits to be organic and slowly I want to expand to grains and legumes too.

It does make a difference in my life! I feel more energetic as I couple my clean eating with good exercise. Initially I used to feel uncomfortable and lethargic even though I exercised regularly and now after switching to organic, I feel so light.

I know switching to organic is a costly affair but you can do it step by step by starting small.


#All views expressed in this column are those of the individual respondents and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them. 

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