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Heart Attack
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Watching someone cringe in chest pain right in front of you, often triggers panic and unfocussed response. Typically, the immediate response is only shouting for an ambulance and waiting around clueless till it arrives.

This is an eventuality that many will face, yet, our smart city lacks awareness and basic life support training in handling emergencies of this nature.

Specialists opine that panic is far from what is called for and immediate commencement of cardiac life support is the answer to save the life in question.

The stark reality of our country is the imminent shortage of medical professionals and emergency responders and thus the need to build more public awareness is essential. Citizens need to know the main signs of cardiac arrest so that they can help a situation whilst they wait for medical professionals to arrive.

Pune365 decided to do a cursory check with citizens on their understanding of handling such emergencies:

Pradeep Bhalerao, a Cab Driver says that the only thing he knows at an emergency like this, is to take the patient to the hospital, or call for an ambulance.

I think we should let the right people do the job. This is such a critical situation. Rather than fidgeting with the patient, we should immediately take him to the hospital. Conditions can become worse if we waste time trying our own techniques, he adds.

Many in the city didn’t even know that by giving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to a person who is in cardiac arrest, we can restore spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a person while other measures are taken or by the time help comes.

Abha Sonkar, a Housewife says that the only thing I know is that the person should be told to cough out loud and take deep breaths.

“I remember seeing a video in which it was mentioned that if a person coughs vigorously, it exerts pressure to his chest and it can help the heart to function properly.

If this doesn’t work, the best is to rush to the nearest hospital or take any clinical help.”

“I do not have any idea how to reach in such situations,” says Vernika Manna, a BCA student. “This never concerned me, nor have I ever thought that a major illness like a heart attack can be treated at home,” she adds.

If you are alone and experience chest pain, sitting or lying down, and keeping the head elevated, helps. Loosen any tight clothing so that you can move and breathe easily.

Vishal Singh, a Motoring enthusiast says that having a couple of aspirins helps. “I don’t know how that works, but it does. Internet is a boon and I see this often while surfing online.”

Chewing and swallowing an aspirin helps at the time of a cardiac arrest, unless you are allergic.

Aspirin helps to dissolve blood clots, hence a heart attack caused by blood clotting can be prevented to some extent.

Akanksha Raj says, “Although I know that cardiac issues and heart attacks can be caused by various factors including high BP and obesity, I don’t exactly know how to react in such a situation.

The only thing we should do it to try getting the patient to the doctor. But yes, it is important for us to learn the technique to save lives,” she adds.


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