#Pune365MoodMeter: Will The City’s Party Spirit Live On?

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Pune, considered one of the safest cosmopolitan cities of our country, came under the spotlight recently when a city based pub owner was alleged to be sexist.

As reported by us earlier, a city based author alleged through social media, that the owner of the popular night spot, and his inner circle harassed numerous women at this establishment.

According to her, over thirty women have shared (with her) personal disturbing experiences at the establishment.

For the record, ( till the time this article was being filed ) that neither she, nor these thirty people she refers to, have come forward to file a complaint despite the city police trying to reach out to each one. 

Irrespective of what the accusations and investigation may finally throw up, these alleged incidents have certainly questioned the city safety.  Pune365 spoke to a cross section of young party goers on how this has affected them personally. 


Here is what they said:

Sakina Godhrawala: It’s actually all about the people. If you are with good company who you know well, I don’t see the need to interact with any one ( creeps or otherwise ) at the establishment. After this incident came to to light I will surely be much more alert while going to clubs and keep a distance from unknown faces. But again I feel if you are hanging out with your pals and they are as progressive and cool as you are. There’s no need to be weary of any place. Other than a few perverts, Pune is a very friendly and safe city I feel.

Surabhi Vasan: The thing is that we all need to stand together against shameful activities. People really need to respect the dignity of another person. Sitting back and stopping ourselves from going to such places is not a solution. We are not cowards. We ought to face the negatives of our society and teach them a proper lesson. For instance, in a place like Dubai, no one would dare misbehave with a girl because they know that the consequences of that would be severe. The Government should actually take action and have severe punishments for such people, so that they think twice before misbehaving.

Nazish Shaikh: I am an extrovert and a very talkative otherwise. But when I am clubbing I turn much wiser. I prefer to stay within my close circle with whom I am hanging out. This I feel, can eliminate any untoward incidents to a great extent. So I believe there is nothing to be worried about in any place. Rather you need to be weary of the perverts who are there everywhere. So just be careful where ever you go and don’t tolerate nonsense.

Ritika Dhillon: Incidents keep cropping up, however much we may try to resolve them. People with a sick mentality are encountered by us, be it in college, a library or the market. I think staying cautious and alert all the time is imperative. In dim lit places there can be a risk. You can never be completely sure about a place and the type of crowd there and more so when even the owner is also alleged to be involved. I think one should be in their senses and should be able to speak up if they are molested or ill-treated. Running away from situations and avoiding any place, can never make a real difference.

Riya Kalwani: Pune is the city of youth so people from various cities and regions gather here. When people from different upbringing and cultures meet, incidents may happen and I believe this won’t stop me from going there or anywhere. Yes, I will be more conscious when the next time I go clubbing because such incidents can happen on roads too, and we cant confine ourselves to our homes.



#All views expressed in this article are those of the individual respondents and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them. 

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