#Pune365Media – This Man Is A Brand Building Genius


Indian Media is certainly getting quite amusing for media watchers like me..

With senior journalists reproducing accounts of their heroic reporting days to being made to eat humble pie soon after, this stuff is getting murkier and quite ridiculous.

No, this isn’t only Arnab Goswami the eternal news maker; this is about the man and his channel that makes for an interesting case study and that, ladies and gentleman, is the point of this piece.

The fact of the matter is, that from the word go, this man has had his brand building covered beautifully. Everyone (me included) has written reams and reams on the man and his histrionics.

Think of it.

A few hoardings across a few cities is all that they needed, if at all, and the rest all happened and continues to happen unabated. Every medium has him all over it without his channel spending a pip.

Now, that is amazing marketing and I must admire this man for such brilliance and financial acumen.

I reserve my views on his style and breed of journalism, yet, this side of him is quite something.

Social media has him trending on every timeline. So what. if they are accusing him of plagiarism, lying in public or whatever, brand Arnab is crawling all over your timeline with an increased vengeance.

It’s almost akin to the famous Hiroshima cockroach that was apparently the only living thing that survived the atomic explosion.

I always believed the roach was a Malayali but now am convinced. It was an amazing genius of human engineering.

As you may have figured, I am most concerned about this phenomenon; And this is primarily because, I haven’t figured how I can exterminate his extreme histrionics from my timelines.

Just when I delete a series of posts, they magically get shared by someone else onto my Twitter or Facebook. You have to hand it to him and his channel. They’re pulling off their brand building with a characteristic élan, no matter what anyone thinks.

It’s a different matter that it has become a serious cause of concern; about time that Indian media and our social media influencers understand the gravity of the issue. I have a feeling they are missing the point here.

He is gaining by the minute and without spending a pip on his marketing.

It is time this phenomenon is ignored and cast aside once for all.

So, let the rhetoric and the theatrics be relegated to his studio. Am sure his eminent panelists will be most thrilled to have the man with them 24/7

India can survive without him. And, contrary to what he or anyone may believe, we will not return to the stone age bereft of his deep analysis and incisive coverage of the truth.

WE CAN survive without this.

Believe me, India will be a better, more peaceful place to live in. And moreover there are far more important issues to talk about. The fist thumping and involved accounts of windshields being broken by mobs are best heard by his panelists, moustached or otherwise.

And for those who enjoy all this, I pray in silence..

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

Jaisurya Das

Jaisurya Das

The industry affectionately calls him a Marketing Maverick; Known to be brutally candid with his writing as much as everything else, Jd is a much respected media and brand commentator whose prolific writing sees no boundaries.

Jd also consults in Consumer Neuroscience and Neuromarketing, both of which are integral to his brand interventions.
Jaisurya Das