#Pune365ForHelmets: I Wear One And My Hair’s Just Perfect !

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The testimony of countless accident survivors have more than proved that fatality in an accident involving a two wheeler can be prevented; the helmet can save your life as head injuries are by far the biggest cause for death / permanent disability in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Yet, the most ludicrous excuses are used to avoid wearing a helmet. From hair fall to a messed up hairstyle, you hear it all.

We at Pune365 are committed to the cause of wearing helmets. We will relentlessly pursue our campaign and reiterate the fact that great hair style will not be the deciding factor between your life and death.

Fortunately, there are the sensible few who swear by the helmet and sport great hair too!

Akash Shrivastav: One day I was riding my bike and suddenly a dog came in front of me and I fell. But by God’s grace I didn’t get hurt on my head because I was wearing my helmet. Anything may happen with anyone, so don’t risk your life, it’s obvious that speed thrills but also kills. We need to remember that somebody is waiting for you at home and your family members need you a lot.

Aakash Makhija: I was riding to my college and there were numerous pot holes on the road due to which my bike slipped, and I fell banging my head to a vehicle next to me. Luckily, I was wearing my helmet because of which I got saved from a major head injury. My day could have ended so much differently – I could have been admitted to the hospital with severe head trauma. At least I know that there’s legal assistance out there, like that of Diamond and Diamond Lawyers, to help me get justice and a settlement for my ordeal if it happens again.

Aarti Chawla: I was on my way back home during monsoon, when it suddenly started raining and after a few minutes my scooty slipped due to the water, even though I was driving at an average speed. I got minor bruises, but was saved from having any head injury as I had my helmet on.

Justin Mathew: I believe wearing helmets and following traffic rules is basic, mandatory and the need of the hour. By doing this we can save accidents and our family from suffering if they lose us. I have been wearing a helmet for 4 years now and I feel that people need to be more alert and active. Also, officials need to be on their toes all the time. It’s time for the authorities to intervene and implement strict rules and guidelines.

Rohan Singh Bishen: The safety of a driver is on his own hands. Innumerable times we have seen that thanks to helmets and seat belts many lives have been saved, yet only a handful of people are seen wearing them. I don’t see any reason why people don’t choose to wear one. Neither does the helmet block my vision nor am I having any itchy scalp or hair fall. I feel they are just lame excuses by people who don’t want to wear one just. Also, helmet is critical and mandatory for those people who drive rash and also risk the lives of others on the road.

Ankita M: I have been using a helmet for three years now and my head is safe because of the helmet I wear. Like hair is important on our head, so is the helmet. I have heard people complaining about hair damage because of the helmet but I have never faced an issue because of it yet.

Loveleen Kaur

Loveleen Kaur

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