#Pune365ForHelmets- It Is A Great Fashion Statement Too!

Helmet - Fashion Accessory
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For Us at Pune365, the cause for making helmets compulsory, has been our mission over the past few months and we won’t give up easy! 

With Pune being the youth capital of India, it has the right mix of trends and the latest in fashion. Interestingly besides the fancy bikes, the very basic helmet has also evolved over time from the boring black to ones that are highly fashionable.

Here is then, yet another reason to stay safe and buy that helmet today!

Pune365 brings you a list of experts in helmet retailing and others to give you a perspective of how trendy they now are:  

Source-Moto Central

Sandeep Gupta, Director of Retail (Moto Central) says, “Its better to have a face than a scarred face. Apart from safety it keeps you secure from pollution and keeps your skin better.

According to a research study, people wearing a helmet have better skin. Helmets are trendy, its just that people aren’t aware of this.

We have helmets with sunglasses and bluetooth to attend calls and for navigation, and also one with cartoons for kids.

Also, I believe this is one fashion accessory that can save your life someday.

Urvashi Patore (Partner at The Saddle store) says, ”Helmets of different designs and Graphics are in the market.

We have trendy helmets like dirt protecting ones and signal indicator helmets.

Manish Nikam (Owner of Destination Moto) says, “Two wheelers of different colours are in market now so why limit helmets to only black, making them boring.

Also helmets with fog film are so trendy. We ensure that none of our customers find any excuse for not wearing a helmet.

Vipin Khannal (An engineer) says, “I have been living in Pune for a while now and only a handful of people use helmets. I am fond of bikes and the helmet that I have is an open face one, as I am conscious about my beard. Being an engineer, my profession demands me to be well dressed, and dressing isn’t only about clothing.

The helmet makes my face looks fresh and pleasant even after a long ride.

Rajeev Mishra (Biking enthusiast) says, “I have been working on modifying a bike for a year now and within 4 months it will be ready so for me my helmet has to be trendy!. I bought a neon coloured one with graphics, before I started my work.

I love biking and sincerely believe, that you need to wear one to look cool! 


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