#Pune365ForHelmets – I Dont Wear One, My Scalp Feels Itchy!

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Wider roads encouraging high speed driving and rising number of vehicles is resulting in more number of accidents in the city.

According to the data available with Pune Traffic Department, in 2017 a total of 212 two wheeler deaths have been registered in the city. Also, a total of 417 two wheeler riders were seriously injured.

Every year, however, hundreds die on our city’s roads because they thought protecting their heads was not important enough!

“I don’t choose to wear a helmet daily; I wear my helmet only on long rides,” said Rakesh Ranjan, a city banker. “There are several reasons like itching on the scalp, hairfall, and to some extent it also blocks my side vision and this may lead to an accident,” he added.

Dentist Pargat Singh said, “We have many safety campaigns on guiding people to wear helmets. “However, I have never used a helmet as we have turbans on our head which acts like a helmet for our protection.

Moreover, Sikhs are unable to wear a helmet. “Jarurat hai lekin aadat nai hai.

The weight of the helmet causes neck pain and I already have spondylitis which is why I prefer not using a helmet,” says senior citizen Manohar Rahalkar. “It’s time they made lightweight helmets for senior citizens. I would certainly use them. “I appeal to every motorist to use a helmet,” he added.

However, there are a handful of Pune’s informed and sensible citizens who always use a helmet.

“I have lots to live for. I think wearing a helmet is an important safety measure because it increases the chances of my survival if an accident occurs, says gym instructor Rohit Adiwal. 

“A plus point of wearing a helmet is it saves me from getting sunburnt too in the summer,” he added.

Marketing executive Pranil Gawade said, “I have been wearing helmets for almost 3-4 years. I know it is important from a safety sense. But the first step should be to push for civilised driving and implementation of strict laws for people without helmets.”

“I use a helmet when I bunk college to avoid me getting recognised, and especially when I am going around with my girlfriend. More importantly, wearing a helmet can save you from the hospital bed. Just as the hair on the head is important, so is the helmet”. says Akshay Gund, a student.

While the immediate solution is enforced punishment for helmet-less riding, the urgent need to educate citizens remains imperative and most significant.

We at Pune365 are committed to the safety of the city’s citizens and will continue our relentless campaign for helmets #Pune365ForHelmets

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