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“People are like riddles to me and solving riddles is a matter of curiosity for me,” states Rajendra Bhide a private handwriting analyst. His stint as a graphologist began in the late 90’s, post which he has resolved numerous document related cases with handwriting analysis and investigation.

“I was always very curious as a child,” shares the man explaining that he studied handwriting analysis because of his love of reading human beings.

Rajendra Bhide

He takes us through a day in his life as a Graphologist mentioning cases he receives from private clients, local authorities, etc. “I am often asked to check disputed documents such as wills, contracts, account ledgers and even medical records and cases of suspected identity theft,” he reveals, adding, that graphology can be used in criminal investigations to discern whether a signature on a particular document is a forged one.

Essentially the study of handwriting, graphology can be used to analyse ones character.
It is exceptionally useful to discern everything from one
s principles and ones personal history to hidden talents and mental ailments.


Quiz him about the intriguing cases he has resolved, and he mentions threatening letters sent to people anonymously with the intent to intimidate.

“Analysis of the writing suffices to distinguish whether the threats were legitimate and in most cases, they were merely meant to frighten the client.”

Bhide speaks of graphology as a way to understand people, delving into some of the techniques he uses as a graphologist.

“We examine loops in the writing, dotted i’s and crossed t’s. Apart from this, the margin a person leaves along with letter spacing can be an insight into the person and the situation under which he or she penned down the note.

Getting technical, he speaks of scrutinizing slants and ending strokes of alphabets.

“Handwriting is after all, a physical manifestation of an individual’s subconscious mental activity,” he says.

The man has aided the police and local authorities on several criminal cases. Ask him what factors stand out in a criminal’s handwriting and pat comes his response.

“Criminals are those who disagree not just with the judicial system, but also social justice. There are some traits in the handwriting that are indicative of people who do not like to obey laws. Be it Indian laws, natural laws or even social laws. All they seek is notoriety and fame.

“Basically, they have strong communication skills and leadership skills to exert a lot of command over their followers. In fact, they do not even agree with the laws of handwriting. They have a different style of ‘G’s’ ‘Ys’ and certain alphabets indicates this. It is reflected in their signatures, as you can gauge this through the effect of pressure used while writing as well.

When we analyse handwriting, we often prefer checking it on an unruled paper as it gives us the best read.

Speaking of graphology as an exciting career he states that it goes hand in hand with psychology. “A study of psychology is an essential prerequisite before you plunge into handwriting analysis. You must study the human mind as a true graphologist.

“A lot of the courses in handwriting analysis are home study so people can sign up for them and work around their personal commitments” he suggests, signing off.



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