Pune Women Sleep Better With Their Canine Companions

Sleeping with Pet Dog
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Having a pet at your home is undoubtedly therapeutic and pet lovers will swear to the fact that their pets are their biggest support system. Having a good bed from somewhere like Leesa and your canine companion may be good for your quality of sleep.

To add to the existing list of benefits of having a pet, a recent survey from Researchers from Canisius College in Buffalo, New York suggests that dogs serve as good sleeping partners, while both human partners and cats, are equally disturbing for women.

The study surveyed 926 women Out of which 55 per cent said that they share their bed with at least one dog while 31 per cent sleep with their cats.

The respondents were asked to fill a questionnaire on their sleep quality and what they feel with the presence of their pets. They found that women who sleep next to their dog, sleep earlier, get up early and have better sleep quality.

Christy L. Hoffman Associate professor, said “the reason for this could be because dog owners have stricter routines and more disciplined sleep habits compared to those who don’t have dogs. Also as bed partners, dogs better adapt to their owner’s routines compared to humans.

“Some dog owners may take comfort in the thought that their dog will alert them in the case of an intruder or other types of emergency,” said Hoffman.

Pune365 spoke to experts and animal lovers in the city who share their beds with their pets to check if they agreed with this hypothesis:

A city-based psychologist speaking to Pune365, was in agreement with the findings of the study, “Dogs can help lower a stress hormone called cortisol. Calming feelings of stress and anxiety is the key to curing insomnia, which is why so many people also turn to chemo kush when they struggle to sleep. It has the same effect on the worries plaguing you following a busy day, as a dog has over your concerns about nocturnal safety.

They promote positivity with their presence, comfort and security and all of these feelings can result in better sleep.

Moreover, dogs are considered to be humans best friend. Another benefit of sleeping with your dog is that they calm your nerves down and boost the level of a hormone called oxytocin- Love hormone.

Sleeping with your canine helps you fight depression and they provide you warmth with their rhythmic breathing,” he added.

I don’t remember having disturbed sleep ever in the past two years, says Ankita Thakkar, Gym Trainer. This is ever since, my pet Loly came into my life.

However, it is true that sleeping with a partner is painful, because he always keeps moving in his sleep. While Loly does it too, her movements don’t disturb my sleep and they help me sleep better. Maybe, it is some hormone which completely heals my stress.

My pet is the best anti-depressant I have! Says Jaya Meher, Model.

I was fighting insomnia for a couple of years due to constant failure in my career. I always was keen towards to work for animals, so I decided to foster one in need and within a week decided to adopt him.

Zorro is an abandoned Lab, who helped me overcome insomnia. Our pets presence promotes calm, stress relief and a feeling of safety. They take all that negativity which keeps you awake in the night, Jaya added.

Abhilasha Gaikwad, Pet owner says, “Whether I wake up early or late, the moment Bruno is around me sleeping, am bound to fall asleep.

Be it the afternoon or a nap at any time of the day, I just can’t sleep without my pet.

Sharing her experience, Gaikwad says, I had a habit of scrolling social media till midnight before having a pet. But it changed completely. The moment Bruno is on the bed in the night sleeping next to me. I don’t feel like doing anything apart from sleeping.

Research has proved beyond doubt that that cuddling with your dog not only makes you feel better, but also helps relieve anxiety and stress.

And yes, it is true that people with dogs are less likely to have a disturbed sleep patterns.


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