Pune Students Gain United Nations Experience

Pune Students Somnya Agarwal, Sai Divekar ​​​and Ayushi Rabe
Somnya Agarwal, Sai Divekar ​​​and Ayushi Rabe

Three students from Pune were recently selected to participate in the International Students Conference organised by the United Nations under its Model United Nations Silk way initiative in Kazakhstan.

These included Ayushi Rabe and Somya Agarwal from Dr Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture for Women  BNCA) and Sai Divekar from MIT Institute of Management.

​​Ayushi Rabe , Somnya Agarwal and Sai Divekar spoke as representatives of South Africa, Rwanda and Cambodia  respectively. The students got a closer look at the working United Nations and got to interact with students from Afghanistan.

 The conference saw participation of more than 350 students across the world.

The program was held at Almaty in Kazakhstan in the last week of April. The topic included Global Challenges in the 21stcentury . The model programme included UN General Assembly, Security Council Meeting and UNESCO and UNICEF, WHO and International Media.

BNCA Principal Dr Anurag Kashyap and Prof. Asmita Joshi  said that the participating students were encouraged so that they could interact with leaders from Korea.

Also the students could discuss the security situation in Syria . Model United Nation is global initiative which gives opportunity to youngsters and students to voice their opinion on global issues.

The youngsters get to know the working of the United Nations. The topics also include issues related to sustainable development and solutions.

The outcome of this conference included sustainable development goals of Middle East and South East Asia.

Representatives from 20 countries including India, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, China and Italy.