#PuneSpeaks – Can Money Buy Happiness ?

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It’s all about the Money, Honey..

Gone are the days when the only source of happiness was getting onto our father’s shoulders to watch a crowded puppet show or just spending time to share a meal with our loved ones.

It was plain and straight then. Money was a mere source to buy the basic necessities, live comfortably and to put aside for the future..

Yet, today priorities have changed and the current generations strive to get rich overnight and be successful only to be able to afford the luxuries of our modern world. ..

In this race for success have we lost our happiness or do we actually believe we can buy that too?

While for some, money cannot replace the happiness true emotion brings, there are others who opine that giving in to your materialistic desires can make you happy..

“Well, it depends on our definition of happiness.

“For me, its fine being sad and driving a BMW over being happy in a Nano. To me, yes having money is happiness,” says Shripad Patki (27).

Sakshi Arora (24) thinks that to live according to societal norms and maintain a high-end lifestyle, money is very important.

“Yes, money is very important. Of course, it cannot guarantee you happiness but the lack of it will surely not be a happy situation. If we notice, when we aim for success professionally, a hike in salary is always a part of our goal.

“Moreover, in today’s era of social media where people are displaying their acquisitions for the world to see, it is hard, not to desire for a high-end lifestyle. Therefore, money is a source of happiness,” she adds.

For some we spoke with, money can give materialistic pleasures but not perpetual happiness.

“Money can never buy happiness. Money can fetch us materialistic pleasures but this won’t last. True happiness is a state of mind which can be derived from simple things. An act of kindness which is appreciated is happiness. Seeing a child smile is happiness. It’s that feeling of joy and satisfaction,” says Mukesh Trivedi (39).

Daaud Khan (31) says, “Money may not buy us happiness but it can buy us things which makes us happy. Imagine a couple living in the slums all their life. When their child buys a house for them, that moment of happiness could only have been bought by money.

“So, in my opinion, the phrase money can’t buy happiness is unrealistic. People having ample amount of money and still cannot find happiness should donate some to the needful and see how money can also spread happiness,” he adds.



#Views expressed in this column are those of the respondents. Some names have been changed on request to protect privacy.

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