Pune Rains – 5 Tips To Keep You Safe and Healthy

Monsoon Care

The sun has hidden amidst the clouds. Thunder and lightning strike! Indeed, the storm season here…

Along with heavy, cool showers, this season makes us vulnerable to several diseases like malaria, hepatitis, dengue, typhoid, fever and gastroenteritis. It is also a time where lots of damage can be caused by the harsh weather. It’s important to keep checking on your property and belongings for damage and if you spot anything wrong, fix it immediately. For example, the WDR Roofing Company – Round Rock can help you fix damage to your roof before it gets worse and could collapse from structural damage. To keep our health and general well-being on track, there are a few precautions that we must all follow.

Here is a list of things to keep in mind during this rainy season.

Check your food habits
food habitsDuring this wet season, avoid eating street food or food from outside in general. Street food vendors are known to keep contaminated water and ice. Diseases occurring this season are mostly water-borne, so it is best to keep away from the tempting food stalls. Instead, cook fresh and hot meals at home. Regular intake of seasonal fruits and vegetables will easily keep your diet on balance and improve you immunity.

Taking a shower under the showers
However funny the title may seem, it isn’t a good idea to get drenched in the rain. It is best to enjoy the showers indoors. If you do get wet, change your wet clothes, shoes and socks immediately. Sitting in your wet clothes could render you sick . Keep an extra pair of clothes at your workplace. Wearing rubber shoes or rain boots is a great advantage.

Mosquitoes, mosquitoes everywhere!
mosquito repellantsHopefully this season, you will have new visitors. But make sure that these visitors are not mosquitoes or flies that frequently enter homes during the rainy season, especially after sunset. If you leave water uncovered then these flies are bound to hover-over it and contaminate it. Be wary of mosquitoes that spread malaria and dengue. You can avoid these diseases by regularly applying buzzoff mosquito repellent and keeping doors and windows closed.

Necessary back-up
BackupPower cuts during this season are frequent. We’re all so used to accessing the internet through WiFi and this can only happen with a regular electricity supply. Keep a handy emergency light and a torch. You don’t want to be home alone in the dark; god knows what that can result in. An emergency light can be helpful in case you need to fix an appliance or read a book. Your power banks need to be charged so you can use your phone at any given point.

Don’t drive angry!
Drive safeAs the title suggests, do not under any circumstance drive rashly, recklessly or in anger. Monsoons are a time when several accidents take place. Please make sure that you switch on your head lights, tail lights as well as your wipers when you drive. Pay heed to the signal and to your fellow drivers on the street. Driving alongside rivers during monsoons is highly discouraged. Follow all traffic rules diligently and always remember that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Stay Healthy and Happy !

Vijayta Lalwani

Vijayta Lalwani

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Vijayta Lalwani