Pune Police’ E-Challan App To Inform And Discipline City Traffic

e Challan Pune

The ‘E-challan App is the Pune Police Department’s latest technology led initiative for citizens. This app provides instant access to various services including information on their vehicles and traffic violations recorded.

The application can be downloaded from Google play store and once activated, it can provide you with details of your vehicle and traffic violations recorded. 

Paying your fine is now as simple as going online 

The E-challan application also has provides an update on the traffic in the city besides helping to track stolen vehicles. The app aims to smoothen traffic operations and provide for efficient monitoring of digital records. The easier tracking of traffic offenders is further expected to improve traffic management overall.  

Speaking to Pune365, Ashok Morale, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) said, “The challans were already introduced in the city earlier itself, yet it was important for the citizens also to keep track of their violations and pay the applicable fines on time.”

The app will help violators know their traffic violations. Once they enter their vehicle number, this will display their traffic violations if any, and they can then proceed to pay the amounts at any Vodafone store or to the traffic police department. 

He further adds, “Moreover, if the commuter is found violating traffic rules by the traffic police, they will have to pay the whole amount reflecting for their vehicle.

Therefore, it is always better to keep a track of your traffic violations, and importantly adhere to traffic rules.”

Kishore Mahaswade, Sub-Inspector of Police,(Sangvi Division) added, “Most of the time, commuters don’t realise they have violated the traffic rules, and if they are caught by traffic police, they deny paying the fine for a violation committed earlier.

With this App, the motorists can keep track of their own violations. This will in turn get  the citizens to learn and follow traffic rules ensuring overall traffic discipline.

“The app will not only enhance the work efficiency of police officials but it will help build transparency between the citizens and traffic cops.

The current mindset people have when it comes to traffic police will change, as they can see their own violation and pay the respective fines.

With e-challans, the city has got disciplined, but if the number isn’t registered with the RTO the violators roam free till they are caught. Therefore, our division is also going to soon start with new checkpoints on a regular basis. We will stop and charge people for their violations and create an awareness among them about the app.

The motive is to make people follow the traffic guidelines, and for better traffic management in the city,” Mahaswade adds.

Naima Ansari, a student says, “The traffic in the city has been pathetic over the years and the violations have increased to the next level.

Even after having e-challans in the city, we can still see people jumping signals and riding in the wrong direction and not everyone gets caught.

“It is impossible to get the city to follow discipline. No matter how much you enforce the law you enforce the city and people have their own laws and guidelines to follow,” says  Ashish Mishra, techie.

The app only showcases the data that are registered with Pune city, what are the measures taken for the people whose vehicles are not registered under Pune RTO. The city has more vehicles than people and they should not limit data only to MH12 and MH14. Every vehicles data should be obatined on the app, he adds.

“The app is a great initiative taken by the city police to warn traffic violators to stop it now”, says Vaibhav Mulik, content writer.

“It is definitely going to help Pune traffic get regulated. By downloading the app, violators will know their amount which they owe to the government.

With these amounts increasing as will be seen in the application, people will be forced to stop violating traffic rules,” Vaibhav adds.

Download the App here: e Challan Pune City


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