Pune Monsoon – Getting Your Fashion Quotient Right

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How I waited for the monsoons this year?! That I am not a fan of summers is a fact not well hidden. I have opened my heart to you, dear readers, about my disdain for the sun beating down my back, forcing me to submit to its whims and fancies, taking away from me freedom to make the same sartorial decision I would make during pleasant spring and cool winters. And while the world may deplore the state of their whites during the rains or complain about mud splashes on their clothes, I love the monsoons. So as Pune welcomed the monsoons in its complete glory finally, I decided it was time to talk about how to make style fun even during the rains.

Rains and its Fashion Foes

And it’s not difficult. Fabrics, colours, silhouettes, there are a million ways to beat your sartorial woes this monsoon. First things first; things you should probably give a miss. Stilettoes, tops that are translucent, outfits in pastel shade are all recipes for disaster. You don’t want to walk around, tripping on wet pathways, with a completely drenched top, doing a Mandakini without meaning to.

Rains always get a bad rep for dulling the environs, with dull, grey skies and the predisposition one generally has towards black, to match their mood. But don’t fall into that trap. Rain or no rains, grey skies or no grey skies, pick vivid colours that brighten up your mood and the room.

Monsoon Must-Haves

So, how do you get your wardrobe absolutely right this season of rain and storm? The best thing to do is wear fabrics that are right for the weather. Think cotton, muslin, light-weight silks which dry quickly and don’t stick to the body. Other fabrics to opt for are those that can resist the grime, mud, and slush that are a given this season. Denim, gabardine, crepe silk, are some fabrics that won’t fall prey as easily to the splash of mud or water.

The right choice of garments is also extremely important. Instead of wearing denims or trousers, opt for culottes which are shorter and can be teamed up with a tee, a shirt, a crop top, or even a kurti with equal panache. Brunch date with the girls? Give that maxi dress a miss. Instead opt for playsuits and knee-length jumpsuits which are comfortable to wear, chic, and also perfect for this weather. If you prefer denims, skip the regular skin-tight version for boyfriend-style jeans that allow your skin to breather and are comfortable to don. Indian wear more up your alley? Ditch your regular salwars and churidars for cigarette pants. Lightweight and contemporary, they are perfect solutions for both, formal and casual wear.

Monsoon fashion does not have to be fussy or complicated. Think about your comfort more than you do about couture. Experiment with lighter fabrics and fuss-free silhouettes. Stay diverse, stay smart, stay stylish.

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