Pune Is Just Perfect For Me !

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Pune is known to attract youth from across the country, be it for the city’s employment opportunities, quality education, or just it’s lifestyle and climate.

Today, the city has 73 per cent of its total population below the age of 50.

We talked to young Puneites to determine why Pune ended up as their favourite ‘go to’ place vis-a-vis other Indian cities..

“Pune is known for its vast opportunities for education. Name any course and it is available in this city,” says Ashish Jaiswar.

We get to establish our professional network and get employment rather quick” he adds.

“Adding to that, after our education, we get employed in the same city unlike our small towns where we have to move out to bigger cities in search of work after our academics.


Shreya Bhojani feels that the sense of safety has led her come to Pune. “Pune is quite safe for a single girl to stay. Thanks to my work I am often late returning home.

People are broad minded here and mind their own business, unlike some towns in India where going out for a girl post 7-8pm is as much a task as climbing Everest.”


“Also during the weekends when am partying, I am assured I will reach home safely.


“For a wanderlust that I am, Pune seems a perfect city for me to work in,” says Akash Singh, a banker by profession and a biker at heart. There is a lot to explore near this city during weekends.

There are so many lovely destinations within a radius of 100kms which makes short trips during weekends, so much fun.

“Also being a Goa fan, that is also an overnight car journey for long weekends,” he adds.

The soothing environment of Pune has always been a unique selling proposition. Justifying this, Anirban Das says, “I came from Bhubaneswar. It’s just been a year since I have joined a college here and I am in love with the weather. Back home it’s always hot and very humid, even during night. Here the temperature is fairly less humid.

Also I am in love with the hilly locations within Pune like NIBM, Hinjewadi, and Sus from where the view of the city is awesome.”

“Unlike most big cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi NCR region that are hubs of employment, the cost of living here is comparatively lower ,” says Vivek Mehra. “The rents, groceries , domestic help, decent entertainment and other basic requirements of the youth are fairly affordable in comparison to other cities,” he adds.

Loveleen Kaur

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