Pune Gets Its First Veterinary Ophthalmology Clinic

The Eye Vet, Pune

Vivet Multispecialty Clinics launches
‘The Eye Vet’ at Pashan

Pune 22 February 2019: While Vet care is coming of age in India , there is still a need for specialized units like Vet ophthalmology centers. Pune gets its first Veterinary Ophthalmology Speciality Clinic and operation theatre as Vivet Multispeciality Clinic launches ‘The Eye Vet’ their first center at Baner-Pashan Link Road.

The clinic will offer medical and surgical services to pet animals like Cats and Dogs, Horses and other animals. These services include Ophthalmic Consultation, surgeries, cataract surgeries, Equines which includes visit to stud farms and attending to complicated or rare cases etc. The clinic is a state of art center with advanced diagnostics, modern equipments and trained staff. The information was given by Veteran Ophthalmologist and founder of Vivet Multispecialty Clinic Dr Kasturi Bhadsavle.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Kasturi Bhadsavle said that while medical facilities for pets have leapfrogged in India, there is a dire need for super specialty medical services like ophthalmology. Pets today are not just companions, but family members.

With conglomeration of nuclear families in urban India and rising disposable incomes, people today are demanding advanced diagnostics and state of art services for their pets. The reason – they are equally emotionally attached to their pets like any other family member and would not leave any stone unturned for giving best of the medical services to them.

Pune is a wonderful city with many bungalows, row houses and residential complexes which house a lot of pets and the citizens are equally passionate about their pets. However there needs to be a lot of awareness about the health issues in pets and the risk factors which might result in eye ailments.

The Eye Vet Clinic will also hold workshops to make aware pet owners on ailments and preventive measures. She added , apart from pets , ophthalmology services are also required for horses, birds, animals in the zoo.