Puffing Out A Dirty Habit

Quit Smoking
Image used for representation only. Smoking Can Kill !

Smoking is a habit where eventually your life is certain to go up in smoke, literally.

Playing with your life for a few minutes of pleasure is just not worth it. It is claimed that one cigarette can cut three minutes off your life.

It’s not that the people don’t know how bad the habit is, but they come up with many reasons to keep smoking.

Most of them are stupid and senseless. But they have taken so many deep drags that there is a battle of a lifetime in front of them.

That being said, it is important to remember that nowadays there are so many different ways to give up smoking for good.

For example, some people have found that switching to vaping, which is widely seen as a healthier alternative, can make quitting cigarettes a little easier.

Moreover, thanks to the widespread availability of vaping products, transitioning to vaping has never been so accessible.

There are plenty of discount vapes out there, so if you are looking for an affordable way to stub out the cigarettes for good, switching to vaping could be a viable option.

Additionally, it is also interesting to note that there are always new flavors of vaping e-liquids to try.

For instance, people that would normally smoke cannabis for its medicinal properties can now use a cbd vape pen to get their cannabis fix in a safer way.

Vaping significantly reduces the number of harmful chemicals inhaled when compared to smoking cigarettes and therefore it is often believed to be a less dangerous way to use marijuana.

Anyway, here is a list of the type of smokers, the reasons they give for not quitting, and how they can possibly kick the habit.

The Limited Edition

  • Smokes five-a-day and regularly. Is precise and time-bound with the habit.
  • They say the body can take five cigarettes a day.
  • Need a swift kick up the backside for tame reasons. Or a strong family backing plus gory literature about smoking daily can help them quit.

The Casual Kind

  • One a day plus bonus of four or five at parties.
  • Just for kicks
  • Need plenty of kicking and consistent talks. They can quit easily if the talk is absorbed and not the nicotine.

The One-Pack-A-Day

  • Minimum of 20-a-day, starting morning and finishing with one before sleep. Started with showing off in school and now victim of the stick.
  • Will always say trying to give up and end up smoking a wee bit more. A few reasons like stress at work, boredom, home tensions, bullying partner etc will be given as reasons.
  • Need patience to tackle these individuals. The partner and family best placed to help. Remove ashtrays, lighters, all smoking materials and hide them. Take them for a run to realise how pathetic they are. You can speak about the benefits of nicotine patches or chewing gum. Patience may help.

The Chainsmoker

  • By the hour and all the hours. Total could exceed to 60-80 or even three figures.
  • They say that cigarettes are a man’s best friend; it soothes the nerves and invigorates the thought processes. And sometimes they profess that they love the habit and say ‘who wants to live longer”. The whole book of reasons is thrown at you including the jilted lover kind.
  • No-hopers. They have to help themselves. Very few do so. Those who do wish to come out have to rediscover their resolve, or fall ill or see a smoking-related death to shock their senses.

Smoking is injurious to health. Quit the habit before it gets you.

Pune365 does not encourage smoking or the consumption of alcohol, both of which are injurious to health.