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Summer Skin Care
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Pune is experiencing a heat wave and temperatures have been soaring to over 40 degrees celsius almost every day. Citizens and commuters are faced with acute dehydration and skin infections and sunburns are on the steady rise.

One skin is probably the most affected part of our body in this dry heat and it is hence critical to protect oneself from the harsh UV (Ultra Violet) rays in this time of the year.

We spoke to city skin specialists and others to seek advise on prevention and care of the skin during this unbearable summer.


Dr Niteen Dhepe,Medical Director at Skin city opines,”Skin is prone to UV rays which peak in summers. Dehydration is very common and one must consumer 10-15 glasses of water each day.

People get dehydrated because they fail to keep an account of whether they have consumed enough water for the day or not.

Simple way to check optimum levels is to correlate the urine output which ought to be two hourly if you are consuming enough water.

Tanning is a very common skin problem that almost everybody faces. This can be reduced by avoiding exposure to direct sunlight. Also, whenever one goes out in sunlight he/she should carry proper sun gear like scarfs and thick summer coats.

One major reason for sun allergies in summer is the use of scents and sprays and one should definitely avoid using them during summers.

Diseases like Miliaria, Sun-Allergy, and Boils are common in summers. It is advisable to have a wash 2-3 times a day with antiseptic drops in the bath water. Summers also make us prone to skin rashes from weeds and plants like congress grass ( Parthenium Hysterophorus) and some varieties of flowering plants in gardens.

One should use a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF every 2-3 hours. Fungal Infections are also very common in summers and people generally tend to use OTC (Over the counter steroid creams) but that actually worsens it. One should work on prevention and if it gets acute, see London dermatologists or ones in your location, Dhepe adds.”

Dr Pradeep Kumari , Dermatologist opines,”Sunburn is a major problem caused by summers, as allergic diseases are aggravated by strong sunlight. Tanning, folliculitis and other infections are also common in summers.

One should moisturise the skin well and always use sunscreen on exposed parts. One should frequently bathe and use protective sun gear like a cap, mask, umbrella etc.

Sunburn and other sunlight aggravated diseases tend to recur every season and often, when the skin is not protected well in other seasons. Also, summer-related infections especially fungal infections tend to worsen with the onset of the monsoon.”

Richa Patil, Beautician at a city salon says,” Summers tend to affect the skin severely and more so in Pune, where the sunrays are really harsh.

Tanning and Sunburns are a major point of concern. When customers come for a De- Tan and facial sunburn treatment, I have observed that the ones who do not take much care of their skin, tan a lot. Sunscreens must be applied at least 2-4 times a day One can try home remedies also to cure sun tans.

” I have very sensitive skin and I have suffered skin burns often. I have been taking some treatment for a few months and it has helped me. I avoid going out in the sun and leave my place only in the evenings says, Shreya Gilotiya,a student.

Summers are not to be challenged. A lot of people don’t care about their skin in summer and avoid wearing scarfs and masks.

Wash your face at least 5 times a day and use antiseptic drops while bathing. This really helps.


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