I Promise To Quit Smoking And Eat Brownies Instead!

It is that time of the year again folks when you are putting pen to paper and listing the resolutions for the year ahead. Most of us are quick to break them, but the excitement is in resolving ( no matter how weird they may be!) from what these Puneites tell us: Pratima Krishnamurthy regrets her habit of being forgetful. “I am a jerk when it comes to remembering someone’s anniversary, pre-booked flight dates or any special occasion.

Now onward, i’ll try to maintain a diary of important dates and keep a copy saved on my phone as well to save me from the embarrassment of not wishing my parents on their marriage anniversary,” she adds.

Taking a lesson from his past experiences, Ajinkya Ranadey says, “Many-a-times, I have landed myself in grave danger by borrowing money from different sources.

In the coming year, i’ll make sure I borrow less and find a job instead.

It happened twice to me that I missed interviews as I was too stoned to move my limbs and go to the location. Obviously, no job means no money and no repayment. I have already kept my bike as a collateral to my loan. Don’t want to repeat it again,” he mourns.

I want to get out of the habit of talking to my ex every time I fight with my current boy friend,” says Vineeta Kashyup.

“I know it is unethical when in a committed relationship but I cannot help it. Definitely need to work on that.” Quitting on smoking but without losing out on the ‘high’ is what Sudhanshu wants to do in 2018. At least Sudhanshu has acknowledge the importance of quitting. This is a step in the right direction. Something else that can make this process a lot easier and more effective is doing a bit of research into sites such as gourmeteliquid.co.uk, where finding a solution to this issue might be a lot easier than you thought. This is a very popular choice for people looking to quit smoking. If this is the route you choose to take, it is possible to Get great E-liquids at a great cost. After making your decision, it is up to you now to be consistent with your goal of one day becoming a non smoker. If you are having a difficult time quitting you could try starting slowly by using an item similar to these Grasscity Vapes and gradually stop smoking. Many places online can give you advice on how to quit smoking, and there are even alternative methods such as e-cigarettes that could help you to slowly withdraw from the habit. But one alternative has quickly become a popular method, whether it’s through brownies, gummies or just a joint, is how to use weed to quit cigarettes.

I am definitely going to quit smoking as it is injurious to health, but not when you consume ‘hash’ brownies.

This way I won’t hurt my lungs and still satiate my craving for narcotics,” he adds. “It’s been five happy years of our marriage but suddenly my wife has started over reacting,” explains Neeraj Kukreja, a marine engineer. “I think, those whatsapp groups she is now a member of have quintessential ladies talking of their expensive jewellery and lavish vacations. And I am becoming a victim of it. “On every trip to the sea, she demands something that burns my pocket and if I forget to bring that, be ready to hear the lamenting till the next trip.

I think i’ll make it a point to buy her at least one gift every two months so that she doesn’t demand diamond mountains or Gucci shoes.

That way, it’s economical and your ears are spared off the torture,” he giggles.

In a very firm tone, Arjun Dave shares, “I need to go on a trip to Goa upcoming year, by hook or by crook.

Three years of planing and still not on it. The only option is to go on a solo trip and not wait for a ‘perfect time’ for everyone,” he adds. Remember Joey from FRIENDS? Here is Bupez with similar traits. “Although I don’t regret doing this, but that sometimes backfires. I want to date my girl for a month before I get into an intimate relationship with her ” he exclaims. ~~ #All views expressed in this article are those of the individual respondents ( names changed on request) and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them. Pune365 strongly discourages the use of alcohol, smoking and other narcotic substances that are injurious to health.

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