Prakash Bang Captures The Beauty Of Old Bosnia

Kravice Waterfall


Picture Dinaric Alps, quaint hamlets and a countryside dotted with blue-green rivers. These are signature to the Balkan country Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Prakash Bang, the President of Bosnia and Herzegovina Tourism in India tours southeastern Europe to capture on lens, the medieval charm of this paradise.

An advertising professional of Pune, Prakash says, “Bosnia is recognized as a European destination that makes for an affordable holiday, which is why it has a lot to offer Indian tourists. Photographs in my exhibition seek to capture the raw beauty of Bosnia along with the culture and the people. I’ve also clicked photos of notable monuments and UNESCO sites,” he completes.

Centre, Bosanska Krupa

Bosnia is an exceptional example of people from various faiths living together in harmony. It’s common to see Catholics, Orthodox and Muslim places of worship, in close proximity to each other. This picture features Centre, Bosanska Krupa.

Old Bridge, Mostar

Mostar is another UNESCO site that has stood witness to the happenings of long ago. The Old Bridge is an iconic sight in Bosnia. Each year it welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the world.

Waterfall, Strbacki Buk 

There are scores of rivers that flow through Bosnia. The topography creates numerous waterfalls – each with a charm of its own just like the Waterfall at Strbacki Buk.

Fortress, Pocitelj 

Several of the UNESCO sites in Bosnia, including the fortress of Pocitelj, offer a panoramic view of the countryside.

Ferhadija Street, Sarajevo

This is the Old Town of Sarajevo that is regarded as the confluence of cultures of the East and West. A walk on the narrow, cobbled streets lets tourists experience the old-world charm.

This photography exhibition is currently exhibiting at Balgandharva Rangmandir and will be on till 19 November, 10 am to 8 pm.


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