Pisoli Residents Intensify Protest For Much Delayed Approach Road

Residents of Veer Sacarkar Marg, Pisoli alongwith police officials who visited to understand the ground reality and hardships faced by the residents.

Residents of Veer Savarkar Marg in Pisoli (numbering over a thousand), came out in substantial numbers to stage a protest rally at the entrance of the road at NH65.

This protest was to highlight the absence of a decent connecting road leading to the five societies housing with more than 500 families. The present approach is a pothole ridden rough road that poses a perilous commute and has already led to several two wheeler accidents.

Senior Citizens, Children and daily commuters are at constant risk in the absence of a permanent well surfaced road. 

Earlier this year, these residents had approached the Gram Panchayat and shared their grievances on the lack of basic infrastructure and were promised quick resolution on the road completion.

The residents have been pleading with the local authorities, the PMRDA, the State Government and the builders for a motorable road of about 400 metres which has been pending for over 15 years. 

While the Gram Panchayat has assured immediate repair, the problem was compounded by one claimant to the land (through which the kaccha road is passing) not giving the necessary clearances. However, it was subsequently discovered that this claim lacked any basis.

Meanwhile, the authorities have now promised to hasten the work of opening of  tender and construction of the motorable road expeditiously. The residents are hoping the promises will be kept and the road will finally see the light of day.

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