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Pune365 has received several words of praise for its vast repertoire of photographs that tell a story from this city; And our way of saying thank you to all our readers and photo buffs. was to urge our man behind the lens, Sanket Wankhade to share a few secrets from his continued tryst with the street…
Start off with with little slower shutter speed than normal

Setting range of 1/8 sec to 1/80 is suggested 

Follow the subject slowly and smoothly with your camera

Use a tripod if necessary

For good results make sure you click when the subject is parallel to your camera

In order to avoid a shaky picture, press the shutter down as gently as possible



If your camera does not have a fast auto-focus feature,  pre-focus on the spot where you intend to release the shutter.

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Imagery and Tips: Sanket Wankhade for Pune365

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