Photo Story : Comic Con 2017


March’s first weekend ushered in Pune’s Comic Convention with great gusto! Comic enthusiasts across the city thronged to the fiesta at Deccan College masquerading as caped crusaders aka their favorite superheroes.

Indeed, while cosplay was on the cards, a remarkable lineup of events followed, including a guest appearance by renowned illustrator David Lloyd- the creator of V for Vendetta.

Fans were seen marveling at the experiential, gaming zones or excitedly applauding book launches at the event.

Among the most popular booths at the convention were American sitcom and movie merchandise that fans got to access. Be it Deadpool posters, Game of Thrones T-shirts or Harry Potter broomsticks and wands; savvy merchandisers offered it all much to the delight of city-based fans.

Pune’s Comic Con was undoubtedly a place where your inner nerd came alive and was for once accepted and celebrated unquestionably.


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Photography  :  Sanket Wankhade 

Text              :  Aditi Balsaver


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