#PetLingo – The Bow-Wow And Meow Deciphered


Feverishly chewed slippers, milk gone sour or just the agony of an empty fridge may insight occasional cuss words from you. But, believe us, you’re not the only one losing your cool. The cool cat brushing by your legs or the pooch scampering around you have their moments of emotion too..

Keep a sharp lookout for the exasperated sigh from your canine or the silently raised eyebrows of your kitty. They all signal a fresh pet peeve and we just made interpreting all that straight and simple.

Our apologies if a lot of this is candid, but, this is exactly what we got from our next generation #Pune365PetLingoTranslator.. 

The Weekly Torture of Bathing

“I dedicate long periods of time licking my gonads every day. I’m as clean as it gets. Why on earth must I bathe?”

Walking Woes

“Stop dragging me. You should stop to smell the roses once in a while. As for me, can’t you see I’m busy sniffing this rock?”

Fart Smarts

“You may smell the occasional expulsion of nasty gas from my posterior, puny human. I, however actually see farts. It’s why I come running each time. The smell however, soon scares me away.”


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Abruptly Stopped Meet and Greets

 “Don’t blame me for heading right to the crotch of your newest houseguest. Taking a good whiff is how we canines greet! You won’t see me complaining if your friend sniffed my butt.”

Shussshhhhhhhhhh! Quiet Pongo..

“Humans talk, dogs bark. Don’t blame me for starting a conversation with the cute bitch that lives upstairs. Invite her over so we can start sniffing each others’ butts.”

Pointless TV Time

“Ditch the box with moving pictures and take me for a walk!”

Dressing me in doggie outfits

“Why. Just why? I’m perfectly happy being all fur. In fact, you should try walking around like me. All skin, no sin!”

The Curse of the Elizabethan Collar

“Yes, I’m a dog. Indeed, I lick my wounds. As I do my ass. Don’t shame me with the ugly white collar. Neighbourhood pooches tease me so!”

Why do Pigeons Fly?

“I almost got her that time. I’ll just lie in wait, watching her every move. The bird’s got to descend sometime. Meanwhile, I see a mosquito. Mmm……snack time!”

Tricks for a treat!?

“This is preposterous. Just hand me the chew stick woman. Playing tricks and treats. It ain’t Halloween yet!”


Need any help with translation, simply refer the bow- wow to us and we will give you the score!

Aditi Balsaver

Aditi Balsaver

A rapacious reader and animal lover, Aditi is a traveler on weekends and a writer at night..
Aditi Balsaver