Pawthon- Fund Raiser Run To Save Street Dogs

Pawthon- Sterlisation Run
Pawthon- Sterlisation Run

Pawthon is being organised to save our stray dogs by sterilising them. Participants can run and photo-bomb each other with their pet dogs.

The team is a group of working professional in Pune who has their heart for dogs. they work towards feeding them, rescuing them, giving medical attention and foster whenever required.  The team has already started with the sterilization of female dogs in Pimple Saudagar area. Initially, the team started this initiative with their own money and time, but to make any impact on a larger scale, they need support to reduce the human animal conflicts through their Pawthon.

About the event:

Fundraiser Marathon Event to raise funds the funds for Sterilisation of stray dogs. They have already sterilised 4 batches of strays and now propose to take this to a larger base.

They have collaborated with Canine Control Care (an NGO) for stray dog sterilisation.

Event details:

Host: Justice for Strays: let Strays stay


Date: 14 Oct’ 18, Sunday

Time: 6 AM to 10 AM


Participant’s role in the event:

A participant needs to go to the registration link. Anyone can register themselves in one of the below categories: Participants can register in either of the three categories:

  1. Runners with Pet (max 3 KM)
  2. Solo runner (3 or 5 KM)
  3. Volunteers (It’s free! Yayy)

Additionally, good Samaritans can donate amounts using Donation link, available along with participation link. Take all your furry babies to support their stray brothers and sisters!!

Pawthon hopes to see you all!  Woof Woof!