#PartyOn: Six Legendary Parsi Dishes You Must Try

Parsi cuisine - Lagan nu custard
Parsi cuisine - Lagan nu custard

Pune has always played home to several cuisines including the highly indulgent, yet irresistible Parsi spread.

Though the Parsi community seems to be disappearing from the city, their traditional cuisine is still a huge favourite with Pune’s gastronomically inclined…

Staying in tune with the Navroze festive spirit, we at Pune365 took a tour of the city experience their all-time favourite dishes:

Patra Ni Macchi

Patra ni machi is a traditional dish originating from the Indian Subcontinent. A fillet of fresh Pomfret is marinated in coriander-mint green chutney, covered with a banana leaf and then steamed till it is perfectly cooked. This dish is served with kulcha and sautéed vegetables often.

Apart from the traditional Parsi dishes, Zamu’s famous for serving its mouth-watering sizzlers. Their Chicken Farchha is a must-try dish.

Place: Zamu’s Place, 189, Nirmal Building, Dhole Patil Road.
Cost: Rs 400 upwards.

Kolmi PatioKolmi No Patio 

A well known Parsi gravy that is a combination of a sweet and sour taste with spicy prawns marinated in finely chopped onions, turmeric, and red chilli cooked with tomato and jaggery. This is served with hot fluffy steamed white rice. A 1905 born establishment, King’s is also popular for their Chicken Farcha’ (fried chicken), Sali marghi, Sali Boti, mutton cutlet and Bheja coriander masala.

Place– Kings, East Street, Camp, Pune
Cost: Rs 300 approximately

Saas Ni Macchi

Saas ni MachiUnlike most Parsi curries that are largely dependant on spices, this curry is cooked only with two spices, fresh green chilli peppers and whole cumin seeds. The only thing that makes this curry extraordinary is the use of an egg sugar-vinegar mixture added in the end that completely enhances the taste of the dish.

Saas ni Machi is served with Khichri (Basmati rice cooked with turmeric and cumin seeds). Dorabjee is well known in the city and is famous for fine Parsi Cuisine with a wide variety. Do try their Sali boti, Parsi Poro,(Parsi style omelette) and Akuri.

Place: Dorabjee and Sons,845, Dastur Meher Road, Sarbatwalla Chowk, Camp Area, Pune
Cost: Rs 500 approximately

Bheeda Ma Gosh

A tamarind puree cooked with tomato, coconut and onion curry at the base, along with a combination of meat and fried lady finger. This enhances the taste of the curry that is normally served with plain white rice or steaming hot kulcha.

As the name suggests, this means to eat well! Their popular dishes are Fried bangra, Sas ni Macchi’ and ‘Papeta ma gosh.

Place: Jamjoji, 610, Ashwin Heights, Sachapir Street, Near Komrawala Parsi Agyari, Camp Area
Cost: Rs 300 upwards.

Nowuz Faludeh

Mango faludehA meal is incomplete without a dessert, Nowuz Faludeh is an ice cream dessert made from sugar and rose water syrup topped with vermicelli noodles and pistachio ice cream.

Café Hormuz also serves dishes Dishes like sali boti, murghi na farcha, kheema par eedu and chicken dhansak. Apart from these, one can also order specials like ghosht, dhaan dal kolmi patio, patra ni macchi and more( available only on advance orders)

Place: Cafe Hormuz, Shop 1, Opposite HDFC Bank, Near Dutta Mandir Chowk, Viman Nagar.
Cost: Rs 100 upwards.

Lagan Nu Custard

And finally Lagan Nu Custard, Novroz is incomplete without this dessert. A perfect combination of eggs, sugar and richly flavoured milk with spices like nutmeg and cardamom, the custard is baked before it is chilled and served garnished with dry fruits.

It is served chilled, brown layer on top and creamy layers at the bottom. Start with the  Parsi wafers, and tokri paneer.

Don’t forget to enjoy the sweet-spicy lagan nu achar and roti. Fill your stomach with traditional main course items like mutton pulao-dar, sali na Margi, Patra ni machi, bharuchi akuri, and finally treat yourself with their lip-smacking custard.

Place: Bawajee Shop 6, Nine Hills plaza, Mohammadwadi, Undri, NIBM Road.
Cost: Rs 100 upwards.



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