Papacream’s frozen delights to beat the heat

Papacream's Jumbo Doughwich

To beat this summer’s unbearable heat, Mumbai’s much loved ice cream parlour, Papacream has made its way to Pune. Get ready to be cooled with some unique nitrogen-infused flavours coming to you in the form of sorbets, waffles, milkshakes and ice cream sandwiches. Located in a quiet corner on D P Road, this new outlet has lots of frozen surprises to offer Puneites.

Here’s a list of things you shouldn’t miss out on when you visit Papacream:

Pani Puri Sorbet

Papacream is the only place that offers savoury flavours of ice cream and sorbets. Taking a excellent shot at this, the Pani Puri sorbet is a must have. The sweet and sour jaljeera flavours are converted into a sorbet that is coupled with puri baskets topped with potato mousse. Enjoy this savoury yet chilled delight with your friends and family on a sunny afternoon.

Pani puri sorbet

Very Berry Sundae

Papacream’s sundaes are most famous for their out worldly bubble waffles. This sundae is a mix of blueberry ice cream, whipped cream topped with a generous about of mixed berry compote that is sprinkled with cheesecake crumbles. This filling delight is truly a sinful treat you can have on those special cheat days!

Sundaes in bubble waffles

Hummus Ice cream

Bringing a new twist to this Mediterranean favourite, Papacream serves the classic hummus dip in the form of a sorbet along with pieces of crispy lavash. The sorbet is a savoury one with tangy and creamy flavours that goes just well with the accompaniments.

Hummus ice cream

Belgian Chocolate Milkshake

This rich thick milkshake has various flavours and surprises hidden inside. Topped with a crispy biscuit made from corn flakes dipped in dark chocolate and doused with whipped cream, this shake tastes of the darkest of dark chocolates blended smoothly with thick cream to give it a heavy texture.

Papacream’s milkshakes