Open Feeder Pillars Pose Grave Danger

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While we all celebrate being the number one city in the country, there are some civic issues which are on rise and are being simply ignored by the authorities.

Power cuts are a regular occurrence in the the city. However, there has been a rise in the number of instances of power failure where DP boxes (feeder pillars) are kept open and unattended which has become a threat to citizens.

Pune 365 spoke to residents and authorities to gauge their view on the recurring problem of feeder pillars.

Nishikant Raut, spokesperson of MSEDCL, told Pune365 that, ” Our department has been constantly working on maintaining the feeder pillars in the city whenever it is brought to our notice or if our team notices that the pillar or any cable is lying out of the box.

“The constant issues relating to feeder pillars is not because of us. It is because some people steal the cover of these feeder pillars and sell it as scrap, not only risking their own life but also of others, including animals. It is highly disappointing that people risk their lives for just Rs 40-50.

“We can’t keep them packed closed because most of the time citizens leave garbage near by the pillar, due to which cats, dogs, rats go their for food and try to hide inside that or below that due to which they often die. And also there is a disturbance in the power supply and for the maintenance purposes it is just covered.”

Speaking about the advertisements on such boxes, pillars and transformers, Raut says it is illegal as 1000 watts of current keeps on passing frequently and it is a threat to humans and animals.

“If not for yourself at least for sake of others do not risk it,” Raut added.

Nikhil Kadam, Social Activist, says, “I always wondered how the civic authorities or the MSEDCL even allows people to paste advertisements on it.

“There is a high amount of current which is passing through such pillars which can prove fatal at times, but in the greed of instant and easy money many people tend to ignore it. Also most of the places are kept open and unattended, with wires lying on the road due to which our area faces lot of power cut issues.

“The MSEDCL should keep it restricted. In several areas of Aundh, the feeder pillars are covered and locked well, and can be only be accessed by the authorities. These need to be implemented on priority in all parts of the city.

“Also people and companies should not be allowed to stick advertisements on such feeder pillars. They can be easily found and penalised through the company they have been advertising.”

There are many DP boxes all around the city and the risk of of electrocution by live wires is very high, says Aditi Jogh, Technical Writer.

Recalling an incident she says, ” A child has recently sustained minor injuries due to the open DP box. The government is only attentive when someone loses their life.

“Proper maintenance work is very essential. MSEDCL really needs to be more vigilant about its utilities and not wait for citizens to complain about them,” she added.


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