#OlaUberOff -The Pain And The Pleasure

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Cab Aggregator services have been a blessing for Passengers. One can travel to places fairly quick and at reasonable rates. Access is also comfortable friendly and hence making it even easier. Yet our dependence on them can prove risky, more so when they go off the roads or scarce.

Protests that started by Ola and Uber Drivers earlier this week continue even today with fewer cars being allowed to ply. This is believed to be putting a lot of commuters to hardship as they end up paying exorbitant rates for even short distances.

The strike was called to protest about the change in places by Ola and Uber which has apparently drastically reduced their monthly earnings. Consequently the driver-owners are carrying huge debts now, thanks to this alleged reduction in commissions that were promised by these companies.

Pune365 hit the streets to get a sense of the impact of this strike and spoke to commuters and others on what the repercussions were for them:

Navneet Singh, a Student says, ” I had an Interview on Monday and suddenly at around 8 am, I found that there was a strike of cabs. I Had to go from Pune Station to Hinjewadi and both these areas were totally affected. For that day, I asked one of my friends to drop me to the office, as the Rickshaws were not easily available either.

I think that the strike was fair for the Ola and Uber drivers, but was a pain for Puneites and also people arriving in Pune that day. The strike is still not stopped and it’s turning difficult as one cannot depend on Public transport in Pune,” Navneet adds.

” The Ola and Uber strike indeed turned out to be a beneficial thing for Auto Drivers like me. Since the time these cabs have been introduced, our market have fallen, but Monday was a happy day for us.

Thinking from the side of the cab drivers, those who have purchased vehicles on loan are actually suffering. Most of the youngters have two-vehicles in the city and only job-seekers, family and women take cabs most often. The taxis have a good market in the city and if still, the companies are not paying fairly, they are at fault. In other countries, Uber drivers have seen an increase in fair pay and support. They can even go online and get Uber car insurance at QuoteRadar, so their vehicles are covered while working.

My rickshaw is also registered with Ola, but I can self-drive it too. I think taxi owners should also do the same, so that they can at least earn well ” says, Irfan Khan, Rickshaw Driver.

Sandeep, Ola Driver says, ” I don’t own a vehicle at Ola and I am just a driver. This strike is a loss for both drivers and the companies. And in their fight, the drivers like me who are just working with Ola, are facing torture. Initially, when these cab companies were introduced, they were really paying well, but after a while when their market was set, they didn’t keep their promise.

Also, this strike is not a sudden outburst of the drivers, it’s approximately 2- 3 years since these companies are paying less. This strike is likely to end on Thursday, ” Sandeep adds.

“I am a Puneite and after years, I experienced an amazing drive on the Roads of Pune. There was actually no traffic. Usually, it takes 40 Mins for me to reach home, but on Monday I bearly took 15 min.

Approximately, there are 5000 cabs of these companies on our roads. Also, more than the drivers and the company owners it was a tough day for the residents who depend on cabs.

I think ending this soon will be better for Pune, though I personally enjoyed the cab-less roads says,” Ashok Verma signing off.


#All views expressed in this article are those of the individual respondents and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them.

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