Ok GST, Now Can We Get On With Life?

GST Busy


I am most pained by this GST business…

And this has nothing to do with business actually. This is about friends and my network of professional contacts.

It’s a week now and each time I call them, they say ‘ bhai, bahut busy hai yaar, ye GST problem.

‘Sorry haan, Next week milte hain pakka.

“Sorry chief, I couldn’t come to finish off the work, busy with GST na”,

“ Sir, Sorry, Next week I will get back. Now am completely busy with GST.. ! “

The long and short of this is that my life is now a pending matter, thanks to this GST thing.

Nothing is moving since everyone is on GST and by default I am also involved in GST matters. I decided to cultivate this excuse and have been using it effectively every day. Sorry cant meet, busy with GST you know!

Now the curious creature that I am, I kept probing with all these contacts to find out what they are all busy about, since as far as I know, its the same GST that is applicable to me too and yet, I have all the time in the world. Yes, its a different matter that my CA is busy but he charges me for his time so that is done with.

Interestingly, most of my contacts had no clue about GST and exalted matters such. I thought I was the only one who had no clue about how it will change my life; but the fact of the matter is that no one knows. All they know is that they have to use this term effectively to delay anything around them.

And lo and behold, we have our latest excuse on the horizon. The GST matters you see.. !

I think it is best that the powers take notice of this worrying trend. No one is going out, no one is meeting anyone and it is only the neighbourhood CA who is enjoying his himself with more and more people at his doorstep.

Imagine what will happen of this world. Friends will go astray and relationships will get strained and all caused by this GST matter. I don’t think this was the intention of the government.

But as you can see, this GST has far reaching consequences on our life…

I mean, how can one survive only on GST. You need a life; many matters have come and gone including this demonetisation stuff.

One day the wallet can buy you a good drink and dinner and the very next day, you can only make paper planes and fly them off your balcony.. But that is the demonetisation matter and we handled that too despite some folks developing acidity and gastrointestinal turbulence..

So the long and short of all this, is that GST is good, but let’s get on with life.

Jaisurya Das

Jaisurya Das

The industry affectionately calls him a Marketing Maverick; Known to be brutally candid with his writing as much as everything else, Jd is a much respected media and brand commentator whose prolific writing sees no boundaries.

Jd also consults in Consumer Neuroscience and Neuromarketing, both of which are integral to his brand interventions.
Jaisurya Das