#OddlyWeird: Money For Nothing, Chocolates For Free

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It Rains Dimes On The Road

Brother can you spare a dime? Take eight million of them if you are in the US, says a report.

A semi-trailer truck hauling $800,000 worth of dimes crashed into a guard rail on an interstate near Las Vegas, spilling thousands of coins on the side of the road, says an AP report.

State troopers established a crime scene so a recovery team could collect the money, The Nevada Highway Patrol says the truck was heading south on I-15,  80 km from Las Vegas, when it hit a guard rail early morning.

KSNV-TV said the truck was hauling the money under a contract with the US Treasury Department when it dumped the load and several bags split open.

Chocolates Everywhere But Not A Bar To Eat

If you are lover of chocolates then an incident in Poland will give you much hearburn, says a report

A tractor-trailer has overturned on a Polish highway, spilling tons of liquid chocolate that are solidifying into a huge sticky mess, according to an AP report.

TVN24 showed images of an overturned truck surrounded by brown chocolate covering six lanes on the A2 motorway, blocking traffic in both directions.

Rescue officials said the liquid chocolate solidified as it cooled and required large amounts of hot water to clear away. A senior official said, “The cooling chocolate is worse than snow.”

Marriage Proposal Fireman Style

Even a fire truck can be used to furthering your marriage plans, says a report.

Firefighters in the US helped one of their own pull off a marriage proposal. Fayetteville, North Carolina, firefighter Ashton Hanway asked Lauren Wood to visit Station 17 to take some pictures. His captain suggested they stand on top of a truck, says an AP report.

An alarm sounded and two firefighters got into an adjacent truck. When they pulled out, they revealed a fire hose on the floor that spelled out: “Will you marry me?”

Hanway said he was trying to write in cursive and it took several hours to do everything. Wood, who said yes, says it was a complete shock. She described it as an “out-of-body experience.”

The couple, who have been together for six years, are planning a 2019 wedding.

Drunk Man Causes Commuter Chaos

An intoxicated man’s ill-advised decision to spend the night on a freight train caused commuter chaos in Munich, says a report.

Police were forced to shut down all traffic at a busy station to look for him.

Munich police said they received an emergency call at 5:20 am from a man who said he was woken up in a container on a train near the Pasing station, Munich’s third largest, and couldn’t get out. But police say the 25-year-old city man was so drunk when he entered the container he wasn’t sure where it was.

Police shut down all rail traffic and went train-to-train, eventually finding him at 6:20 am.

In total, 86 trains were affected with 1,280 minutes of delays, 37 cancellations and 21 partial cancellations.

Having A Blast With Urine

A woman in the US decided the microwave was a better option than the lab for a urine test, according to a report.

The Colorado woman has been cited by police after a container of what appeared to be urine blew up as she was heating it up in a microwave at a 7-Eleven.

Police say the incident occurred in the convenience store chain’s Aurora location when the clerk heard a loud bang and saw 26-year-old Angelique Sanchez take a white plastic bottle out of the microwave.

A police report says when confronted by the clerk, Sanchez wiped a yellow liquid that smelled like urine onto the floor and walked out. Police located Sanchez at a nearby clinic where she had planned to take a urine test for a potential employer.