#OddlyUnusual: Life Can Be Unpredictable

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Sweet Way To Burn Off The Fat

There is an easy way out if you want to burn the calories, says a report

A Des Moines television station said that a semitrailer carrying chocolate from Hershey, Pennsylvania, caught fire along Interstate 80 near Dexter in west-central Iowa.

The Iowa State Patrol says the truck was headed westbound and had problems with its brakes, which eventually catching fire, says an AP report.

The driver pulled off on the interstate onto a grassy area. The driver was able to unhook the cab from the trailer before the trailer when up in flames.

There were no injuries. But the trailer — and all of its chocolate — were destroyed.

House Dropped In Middle Of The Road

It certainly would be a shock to the system if you see a house perched on the middle of the road, according to a report.

Police in Delaware’s capital city Dover would like to know who dropped a house onto a two-lane road, according to an AP report.

The Dover Police Department says someone abandoned the prefabricated home, blocking traffic for hours.

In a Facebook post that had been shared thousands of times, the department posted pictures of the home and said “this is not a joke.” The house was draped with a banner that said “oversize load”.

Officer Saved From A Shock To the System

You never know when a bolt of lightning can strike you as a police officer in the US  found out to his horror, says a report.

A Florida police officer loading up his vehicle got quite a shock when lightning struck in the parking lot behind him, says an AP report.

Surveillance video released by the Apopka Police Department shows the bolt of lighting up the parking lot in the evening. A canine officer seen placing equipment in the backseat of his police SUV appears startled by the flash and hastily gets into the vehicle’s front seat.

The police department said the lightning came from a severe storm rolling through downtown Apopka.

Buried Alive In 72-Hour Protest

An Australian performance artist who was buried in a steel container under a busy road for 72 hours as part of a so-called dark arts festival was released from his self-imposed prison, says a report..

Mike Parr, a 73-year-old performance artist whose creative endeavours typically explore physical limits, was entombed in the mini-shipping container and the road was resealed above him, according to Reuters.

Oxygen was pumped into the container where Parr had access to water, reading and writing material, a heater and a distress button in case anything went wrong – but no food. He was equipped with a bucket for sanitary use.

The burial act was part of the Dark Mofo Festival on the island state of Tasmania.

It was designed to highlight violence perpetrated by colonialists against Aboriginal communities, the festival said on its website.

Silence Please Here Comes The Mayor

A highly irritated mayor in the US set his own rules when it came to his exercises, says a report.

The mayor of Michigan’s third-largest city has a message for residents: If he’s jogging, do not disturb, says an AP report.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts felt a need to get the message out on Facebook after a resident complained that he didn’t speak to her while jogging. Fouts says he didn’t recognise her and typically listens to radio or takes calls on his mobile phone when he’s exercising.

Fouts says he’s “available 24/7 but NOT when I’m jogging.” He says some residents believe he’s “obligated” to stop and talk.

Fouts is in his 70s, and he says he’s trying to keep his heart in good shape. He’s been mayor of Warren, a Detroit suburb, since 2008.