#OddlyStrange – Teenage Boy Lays 20 Eggs Baffling Doctors

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Ice Is Not Nice For Crawlers

Snails are always slow but give them icy weather and they can barely crawl, says a report.

An English pub has cancelled a charity snail race after unseasonably icy weather made the potential competitors too slow to compete, according to Reuters.

“The cold snap has led to a medical problem with our racing snails – it’s called hibernation,” the Dartmoor Union Inn in southwest England said on its Facebook page.

The Dartmoor Union Inn said it planned to reschedule what it had billed as “The 1st International Snail Grand National”, in aid of a local air ambulance service, once the weather warms up.

Armani In For Japanese School

They are supposed to be studying but this school in Japan is asking them to do so in Armani wear, says a report.

The public elementary school in Tokyo’s upscale shopping district of Ginza has raised parents’ eyebrows with a plan to adopt uniforms designed by Italian Giorgio Armani, says the Reuters report.

In a letter to parents last November, headmaster Toshitsugu Wada said Taimei was a landmark in Ginza, and the decision to adopt the Armani-designed uniforms aimed at creating an atmosphere suitable for such a school, the Huffington Post said.

“With humility, I take the criticism that explanation has been insufficient and not well-timed. I will go on explaining carefully to those concerned.”

Money Matters For Chinese Woman

Rather than parting with her bag, a Chinese woman preferred to go through an x-ray machine with it, says a report.

The woman in southern China accompanied her purse through a train station’s luggage x-ray machine rather than part with the bag amid a holiday rush, Chinese media reported according to Reuters.

Video from the digital news platform Pear Video, linked on the Facebook page of the state-run People’s Daily newspaper and widely picked up online, showed a guard apparently telling the woman that, yes, small bags need to go in the machine, too.

The security video shows her leaving the screen and then emerging from the device. Still x-ray images online show a person in high heels kneeling among bags and other items. The woman rode through the security screening machine in the southern city of Dongguan because she wanted to protect her money, the People’s Daily’s Facebook post and other media reports said.

Boy Lays An Egg!

Believe or not, but a teenage boy has laid an egg in Indonesia, says a report.

And it is not his first time. The 14-year-old boy, Akmal, from Gowa, Indonesia laid an egg in front of doctors, says a Sunday Express report.

This is the 20th he has laid over the past two years, it was claimed. The teenager was allegedly brought to the clinic by his family who claims he has laid 20 eggs over the past two years.

Akmal, has been x-rayed, which his family insists prove he is telling the truth. His dad said: “In two years he laid 18 eggs and two more now, so in total there have been 20. I cracked the first egg and its content was all yellow, no white. The doctors remain baffled.

Mystery Figure Sends Chills Down The Spine

An eerie figure seen in a crash scene video has proved to be chilling for those who watched it, says a report. Many say that it could be an alien or ghost, says the report in the Mirror.

The video was filmed by a witness in the aftermath of a collision between a van and a car in the city of Cipolletti, in the central Argentine province of Rio Negro.

It shows a car flipped over on its side and a man leaning in its open door to talk to a victim trapped inside. But standing by an open ambulance door, a mysterious grey figure is can be seen.

It looks almost like the person is wearing a mask with sunglasses over the top. Some online commenters even suggested it was a ghost, or an alien visitor come for a peek at a human disaster.