#OddlyStrange: A Feat That Takes Your Breath Away

Rubik's cube underwater
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Rubik’s Cube Solved Six Times Within A Breath

Solving the Rubik’s Cube is extremely difficult but this student found it to be the easiest thing on earth, says a report.

The 18-year-old student from Georgia solved six Rubik’s Cubes under water in one breath, in a bid to set a new Guinness World Record, according to Reuters.

Vako Marchelashvili was submerged in a glass tank for just over one minute and 44 seconds as he flipped, turned and solved the cubes in front of a crowd at the Gino Paradise aqua park Tbilisi.

He said he had been preparing for the underwater challenge for six months. “I trained a lot planning to break a record – and to ensure my safety, because even a small mistake could be dangerous and life-altering,” Marchelashvili said afterwards.

“I think my result will stay as a record for a long time. I hope to break many other records.”

A Slithery Surprise In The Bonnet

A Wisconsin motorist was in for a slithery surprise after his mom’s sport utility vehicle began acting strangely, says a report.

Chris Nguyen pulled over at night in the town of Omro and popped the SUV’s hood to find a 4-foot-long python inside. Fittingly, the snake damaged the engine’s serpentine belt, says an AP report.

Omro police responded and tried to wriggle the snake from the engine. They called “The Snake Man” Steve Keller — a Menasha man who rescues snakes — for help.

Authorities say the snake was identified as a ball python. Its owner said it’s been missing. It’s illegal to have these snakes in Omro, so the snake’s owner was fined. Keller says he’ll adopt the python.

Waving A Gun To Loud Music

Music may not be the food of love for this man if a story has to be believed, says a report.

A 72-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of waving a gun at a high school dance in Arizona because he didn’t like the loud music, according to an AP report.

Police in the small southeastern Arizona town of Thatcher say Robert Layton drove to the high school parking lot around 11:45 pm and complained about the loud music.

Witnesses say Layton pulled a 9mm handgun out of his pocket and waved it around before pulling wires to disable the music.

A DJ at the event wrestled Layton to the ground and disarmed him. Authorities later said there were no bullets in the handgun.

A Tinder Way to Handle Dates

A woman in the US turned a dating opportunity into a competition, says the report.

The woman has used the Tinder dating app to prank more than 100 men into showing up for a date that turned out to be a “Hunger Games”-style competition, according to an AP report.

The New York Times reports that the woman identified as Natasha Aponte invited dozens of Tinder contacts to meet her in Manhattan’s Union Square for what they thought was a one-on-one date.

Instead, a woman who says she was Natasha told them they had to compete for a date with her.

She disqualified the men who were under 5-foot-10 and those named Jimmy, a name she dislikes. Then she asked the remaining contestants to perform push-ups and footraces.

The stunt reportedly was videotaped by Rob Bliss, the man who shot a widely watched catcalling video in 2014.

Fishy stuff on Maine Highway

There are plenty of fish in the sea — and almost as many on a Maine highway, says a report.

The Portland Press Herald reports a truck carrying 35 barrels of bait fish tipped over in Newcastle, spilling the pungent fish all over the road and backing up traffic, according to AP.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said the 41-year-old truck driver told police he went into the breakdown lane to avoid hitting a vehicle stopped in traffic and lost control of the truck.

The truck driver was hospitalised for minor injuries. Police say it took crews from multiple departments more than three hours to clean up the fish.

Police say speed and driver inattention contributed to the crash.