#OddlyQuirky: Swinging To The Wild Side

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Parisians Have a Bee In Their Bonnet

Beekeepers and environmental activists staged a mock funeral in Paris for bees, says a report.

This was to protest against the pesticides they say are killing insects crucial for the eco-system, according to the Reuters report.

Some protesters, wearing beekeepers’ masks and overalls, lay motionless in coffins while others stood, heads bowed in respect as a bugle played during the ceremony on a patch of garden near the Les Invalides museum.

Green campaigners say bee colonies in Western Europe have been ravaged by the use of neonicotinoids, a group of pesticides based on the chemical structure of nicotine.

Bee keepers in France have pressed the government to take more action to protect their livelihoods.

Well-Fed Pig Loses Its Wings

Though pigs may have wings even they cannot resist the smell of doughnuts and find the outlets a good place to hang around, according to a report.

Police in New Jersey say they found a lost pet pig wandering near a local Dunkin’ Donuts and nicknamed it “Pork Roll.”

Neptune Township police said they got a call over the weekend concerning a pig wandering around the doughnuts and coffee chain store, says an AP report

The department jokes an officer was able to “catch the well-fed hog and take him into custody for questioning and to provide him with a job application as our new mascot” before transferring him to the Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Officials say Pork Roll’s owner picked him up from the agency.

Banner Reveals The Plane Truth

It was meant for kids but a banner broke loose and broke the windshield of a car instead, says a report.

An airplane-towed banner broke loose and came down near New Jersey’s statehouse, fluttering to the ground and shattering the rear windshield of a parked car, according to an AP report.

The banner fell under clear skies as the plane flew over the state’s capital before hitting a black Kia sedan. It carried an advertisement for expanding pre-kindergarten and said “50,000 NJ Kids Are Waiting.”

Emblazoned on the banner was the name “Pre-K Our Way,” a non-profit that pushes for bringing pre-kindergarten to additional towns. The group said in a statement no one appeared injured and the plane company dispatched someone to the scene.

Exhausting Ordeal for Tailpipe Woman

A music festival turned into a nightmare for a drunk woman who attended it, says a report.

A young woman endured an exhaust-ing ordeal when she got her head stuck in a truck’s oversized tailpipe at a Minnesota music festival, says an AP report.

Firefighters used a power saw to free the woman from her predicament at the Winstock Music Festival in Winsted, near Minneapolis.

KARE TV reported that it’s unknown how she ended up with her head in the tailpipe, but alcohol may have been a factor.  The McLeod County Sheriff’s Office says she was cited for underage drinking and escorted out.

Dead Man Turns Up Alive

A wife who thought her husband was dead got a shock of her life when he turned up alive, says a report.

The Japanese wife has told police the body she thought was of her missing husband belonged to a stranger after her spouse turned up alive a year later, according to AP.

Tokyo police acknowledged that the body found in a river in eastern Tokyo in June 2017 was of another man reported missing at around the same time. Police apologised for the mix-up and said the remains would be returned to the right family.

Police initially believed the body was of a man in his early 40s reported missing by his family three days earlier, and handed it over to them after positive identification by the wife and two relatives. The body was then cremated by the family.

The family earlier notified police that the man came home alive in May. Police refused to say where he was or what he was doing.