#OddlyHuman:  I’ll Beer There For You…

David Schwimmer Lookalike
Image used for representation only. Source: The Star

Ross Lookalike Steals From Restaurant

Friends star David Schwimmer was certainly amused after a lookalike stole from a shop in Blackpool, says a report.

British police are hunting a shoplifter who bears a striking resemblance to Ross Geller, the character played by David Schwimmer on the TV show Friends.

Facebook users noticed the similarity when police posted surveillance-camera footage of a man carrying a carton of cans from a restaurant in Blackpool, northwest England, says the AP report.

The actor responded with a Twitter video that showed him scuttling furtively through a convenience store clutching a carton of beer. Schwimmer wrote: “Officers, I swear it wasn’t me. As you can see, I was in New York.” He wished police well with the investigation.

Lancashire Police later confirmed that “David Schwimmer was in America on this date.” Britain’s Daily Star newspaper ran a story about Schwimmer’s lookalike under the headline “I’ll Beer There for You,” a play on lyrics from the Friends theme.

Lottery Man Gets Lucky Break

Fate has been kind for an old man who landed up in hospital while out to buy a lottery ticket, says a report.

A New Jersey man walking to buy a lottery ticket for the massive Mega Millions jackpot fell and broke his hip, but the trip to the hospital turned into his lucky break, according to an AP report.

WCAU-TV reports 87-year-old Earl Livingston was invited to join the hospital staff’s lottery pool, which included a winning $1 million Mega Millions ticket.

Livingston’s niece, Bobbie Mickle, says Livingston told staff he was disappointed about not getting a ticket so they invited him to join the pool with 141 other people.

Mickle says she first thought her uncle was confused when he said he won, but staff later confirmed his story.

Judgement Day For Escaping Prisoners

A sincere judge in the US did not leave any stone unturned in a courtroom, according to a report.

The judge removed his robe and gave chase after two handcuffed prisoners made a run for it from his Washington state courtroom, says an AP report.

Video obtained by The Daily Chronicle shows Judge R.W. Buzzard leap into action when the men, identified as 22-year-old Tanner Jacobson and 28-year-old Kodey Howard, bolt for the door and down a stairwell.

Jacobson was in the lead while bounding down four flights of stairs, but the judge closed in on Howard and grabbed him just as he was about to exit the courthouse.

Authorities say they apprehended Jacobson a few blocks away from the Lewis County Courthouse in Chehalis.

Dirty Diaper Dumping Grandpa Caught

Authorities say they’ve captured a man suspected of dumping his grandson’s soiled diapers along several New Jersey roadways over the past year, according to a report.

Franklin Township police say an officer acting on a hunch spotted 68-year-old William Friedman leaving a load of diapers in the area of Routes 47 and 40 early morning. He was taken into custody after a traffic stop, says a report.

Friedman allegedly told police the diapers came from his grandson, adding that leaving them around town without getting caught “almost became a game.”

Authorities say a motorcyclist crashed in June after running over a diaper Friedman had allegedly dropped, the AP report said.

The motorcyclist suffered minor injuries and his bike was totaled.

Wrong Numbers Turns Right Choice

A phone call to a wrong number in Nebraska, US, delivered just what a man in pain needed: a ride to a hospital, says a report.

Lisa Nagengast said a driver for a Jimmy John’s sandwich shop rescued her brother, Greg Holeman, after he called her just as she arrived at the Tampa, Florida, airport, says the AP report.

She had been in Nebraska to help Holeman get to his Columbus home after spinal fusion surgery three days earlier in Omaha. He called her in great pain and said he was oozing blood and his left leg had gone numb, Nagengast said.

Her brother is a veteran living on disability and didn’t have Department of Veterans Affairs’ approval to call an ambulance, she said. He also couldn’t afford a taxi to a hospital, she said.

Nagengast was still in the Tampa airport when she tried to call his VA social worker but misdialled and reached what turned out to be a right number: the Jimmy John’s in Columbus who helped rescue her brother  by sending a delivery van.