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A Palestinian mother loved her hair so much that she decided to stuff them in pillows for decades, a report says.

Ezzeya Daraghmeh has stuffed large clumps of her multi-coloured hair in the pillows and kept it for nearly seven decades.

“I like my hair and I hate to throw it away. Even when I comb my hair or wash it I keep the hair that falls off,” the 82-year-old told Reuters at her home in Tubas in the West Bank.

Daraghmeh started collecting her hair when she was 15.

Seeing Red Over Black

A Japanese teenager has sued suing the government of Osaka because her school forced her to change her hair colour, according to a report.

She said her public high school repeatedly forced her to dye her naturally-brown hair black or be banned from attending school, local media said, according to Reuters.

In a lawsuit filed in Osaka District Court, the 18-year-old girl said her mother informed Kaifukan School in Habikino city upon her enrolment that she was born with brownish hair, as the school had a policy banning hair colouring.

Educators, however, instructed her to colour her hair black, telling her repeatedly that the dye job was insufficient and forcing her to “either dye the hair black or quit school”, Kyodo news reported.

Transplant Is Order Of The Day

Balding men who seek to look better or younger by undergoing hair transplants are on the right course, a small new study suggests.

People shown before-and-after pictures of hair transplant recipients rated men with more locks as looking more attractive and younger, researchers found, according to Reuters.

People also thought the men looked more successful and approachable after the procedure. To get the best results for a hair transplant, getting in touch with a professional like Jeffrey Epstein, MD, FACS will hopefully get the best results and after the finished procedure, people who may have lost confidence from hair loss will start gaining it back.

Hair, There And Everywhere

There is no limit to what can constitute a beauty product these days, a report says.

It seems that carbonated drinks, root vegetables and even toilet paper qualify as beauty products.

Think dousing your hair in bottles of Coke then blow-drying it for a tousled look, mincing up a beetroot to make a natural lip and cheek stain and sticking bits of toilet paper on your lips for a textured look.

Drawing fake freckles with an eyebrow pencil is also a new trend, popularised by a barrage of YouTube beauty tutorials, according to The Straits Times.

Space Buns Can Be Fun

A teacher’s simple gesture set a great example for students to follow at a school in Georgia.

Kinsie Johns who teaches at Annette Winn Elementary School in Lithia Springs, received a complaint from a student that her classmates were poking fun at her new hairdo, according to a report.

Her classmates called her “space girl” because of her space buns hairdo. Johns decided to take action and the next day she came in a space buns hairdo to lend support. The students were shocked.

However, the next day to John’s surprise, all the students came in the space buns hairdo. They appreciated Johns’ simple gesture.

The Haircut That Hurt

A 12-year-old boy was put on “isolation” and given a detention over his Peaky Blinders-style haircut, according to a report.

The back and sides of James Hiles’ head were shaved due to an “accident” with the clippers, his mum Helen James says, according to the Mirror.

She hit out at the school for the detention. The school, however, stood by their decision.

A Shock With The Locks

A baby was born in Britain with an incredible shock of black hair that is so thick it showed up on ultrasounds, says report.

Jolee Shead is one of Britain’s hairiest babies.

Thanks to the scans her parents knew she would have a glorious head of hair. But they were still amazed when she was born with her luscious locks, according to the Mirror.


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