#OddlyEnough: Taking Marriage Vows One More Time

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Couple Forced To Marry Twice

A couple was forced to repeat their marriage vows two years after they were wed, says a report.

A Michigan couple learned that they broke the law when they wed two years ago, so they asked a judge to void the illegal marriage and then to do it all over again, says the AP report.

Philip Timmer and Trisha Stewart, both 55, were remarried last week at the Montcalm County Courthouse, and this time it was valid under Michigan law, the Daily News of Greenville reported.

Timmer and Stewart were both divorced with children from previous marriages when they met in 2010 through the social networking website Myspace.  Timmer and Stewart hit it off immediately.

The couple married in 2016. But then Stewart learned that her divorce hadn’t been properly finalised in Texas, meaning she was legally still married to her ex-husband. She then approached Montcalm County Circuit Court Judge Ronald Schafer to have her illegal marriage with Timmer voided.

As soon as the court hearing concluded, Stewart said she asked Schafer to remarry them and he happily agreed, having never presided over a marriage before.

$10,000 Surprise For Chanel Purse Finder

A Chanel purse left in a Manhattan subway station held a $10,000 surprise for the man who found it, says a report.

Richard Taverna was at the West 66th Street and Broadway stop when he spotted the purse by a platform wall, according to the AP report. He told the West Side Rag online blog that inside, he saw only some paper with Russian writing on it.

He took a closer look at home and discovered 100 $100 dollar bills.

The next morning, Taverna brought the purse to the local police precinct. But first, he laid out the bills on a table and snapped a photo.

Luckily, a woman had reported the missing money to police before going to Russia. It’ll await her when she’s back in January.

Man Uses Front-End Loader For Getaway

A man in the US tried to be innovative but failed in his attempt to do a quick get-away after a robbery, says a report

Police have arrested the 42-year-old Anchorage man suspected of stealing a front-end loader and using it as his get-away vehicle after a burglary, according to the AP report.

Police say Brian Petross was held on suspicion of vehicle theft, burglary, theft, reckless driving and criminal mischief. A person walking a dog reported a broken door at a west-side hair salon.

Officers determined someone drove a front-end loader to the salon, picked up a frozen planter, smashed the front door window, entered the business and stole numerous items.

While responding to another burglary, officers spotted the front-end loader and conducted a traffic stop.

Break-In Couple Have Coffee Before Getting Caught

Police in northeastern Ohio say a couple broke into a home, washed their clothes, took a shower and made some coffee before the homeowner’s relative confronted the pair, says a report.

Authorities near Uniontown also say they found jewellery, a computer and credit cards from the house inside the couple’s truck, says the AP report. Richard Nippell, of Plain Township, and Camri Cantwell, who is listed in Stark County jail records as homeless, are charged with robbery.

Police say the couple broke into the home and that the woman who lives there returned and noticed the truck.

They say she then called a relative who came over and held the couple at gunpoint until police arrived.

Newborn Named After Highway

It was my way and the highway for a newborn New Yorker, who’s now named after the expressway where she was born in her parents’ minivan as they raced to a hospital, says a report.

Alie Albarracin arrived around 3am as parents Maria and Ivan Albarracin headed east on the Long Island Expressway from their Queens home to Bellevue Hospital, says the AP report.

Her name is spelled A-L-I-E. The highway’s nickname is the “L.I.E.”

Her parents told the New York Post they planned to name their third child Aurora but switched it after the unusual birth.